Noise Complaint against Queensbury Scout Band – Cllr Paul Cromie


Please read the below and think of the alternatives. Now Queensbury children are able to take part in a valuable learning and community cohesion activity, which keeps the youngsters occupied on a Friday evening. They are helping to keep the musical tradition of the village continuing, hopefully for ever. Do you remember the Boy’s Brigade Band playing at Russell Hall School on a Friday evening, I certainly do, they bugled and drummed with gusto. This was in the 1960′s.

What are the alternatives? drinking, drug taking, vandalism, anti social behaviour and who know what else.

Please let me know your opinion. We need to support OUR Revolution Show Corps


Noise Complaint against Queensbury Scout Band

Dear Councillor Cromie & Councillor Walls,

The youth band I run (Queensbury Scout Band) had a complaint last October from a local resident (I don’t know who) via Bradford Council environmental health . The complaint coincided with the band’s last outdoor session of the season, in October 2013. We had our first outdoor session of this season last Friday, and I received a complaint via Bradford Council.

Paul Naylor is coming to the next practice after the Easter holidays, Friday 2nd May at Queensbury School. He does seem supportive of the band.

Whilst I hope it’s not a problem going forward, I’m raising it now to try and get your support for the band and its activity in the local community.

The band has practiced at Queensbury school every Friday for the past 30 years, so perhaps the complaint came from a new local resident. We always stop at 9pm, and don’t play outside all year, only during British summer time, and whilst there is no specific law, it’s all about being reasonable; having spoken to Paul last year, we both agreed that stopping at 9pm on a Friday was a very reasonable approach to the issue.

Best regards,

Oliver Richardson

Corps Director

Queensbury Scout Band

The Revolution Show Corps

Music on the Move

Road Safety – Hill End Lane and Long Lane, Queensbury


UPDATE 11/04/2014

Well five weeks have passed and we are still no further on with this, we are lucky, to my knowledge there have not been any road accidents. I hope not.


19.40 04/03/2014

Dear Councillor,

The Section 106 Agreement attached to permission 12/02183/MAF contains the following obligations:

  1. Provision of 22 on site affordable housing units.
  2. Payment of £208,732.00 (plus RPI) education contribution to be      paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwellings.
  3. Payment of £134,590.00 (plus RPI) recreation contribution to be paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwellings.
  4. Payment of £39,300.00 (plus RPI) street lighting contribution      to be paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwelling. This has been paid.
  5. Completion of various highway works which are noted in the Agreement as:
    1. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Long Lane/Deanstones Lane.
    2. Incorporation of a mini roundabout and associated markings and signage at the Hill end Lane/Hazelhurst Road/Ashlar Grove junction.
    3. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Hill End Lane Ford/Hill including the resiting of an existing bus stop
    4. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Hill end Lane/Ford Hill including the imposition of parking restrictions.

It is highly likely that the highway works will be completed by BMDC following payment from the Developers for the works. The works are likely to need a consultation exercise before any works can be completed. I understand Simon Moscrop will be the best Officer to give a better idea of when the works are likely to be completed.

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Fraudsters trick victims into revealing PIN numbers after theft


Fraudsters trick victims into revealing PIN numbers after theft  

Dear Watch Member,

Police are warning the public not to give their bank card personal identification number (PIN) to anyone after bogus bank officials have stolen thousands of pounds by tricking victims into handing over their PIN

Scammers have been stealing victims’ wallets and purses from multiple locations in the Yorkshire area including sneaking into staff rooms, health centre’s and care homes.

Armed with all the information from the stolen cards, the fraudsters call the victim at their place of work pretending to be from their bank, claiming that they have been a victim of theft.

They go on to inform the victim that they believe someone is attempting to use their bank card and that in order to cancel the card, they require a number of security details. They start with general questions, but amongst them is a request for the victim’s PIN.

The suspects are very convincing when they call and typing can be heard in the background, giving the impression of a call Centre.

Once they have obtained the PIN, an accomplice then uses it to steal money from the victim’s bank account, either using cash machines or by calling into various branches to withdraw the money.

Thousands of pounds withdrawn

One victim had her purse stolen from the staff room of the doctor’s surgery where she worked. Fraudsters then went on to withdraw thousands of pounds from banks in Darlington, Harrogate and Leeds.

Officers are warning members of the public not to give their PIN to anyone under any circumstances and to ensure their belongings are kept secure when they are at work.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 .

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:

Regards, Louanna Winch Neighbourhood Police Team Coordinator Neighbourhood Watch Email:

Do you know anyone who came from Medomsley, Consett, Co Durham

Hi Stuart
Jim came to the village last Thursday & met Sheila & Geoff Thornton. He wanted to know if there was any one still living in the village that came from the cottage homes in Medomsley, that either worked in the mill or lived in the hostels’ run by Fosters.


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Submitted on 2014/04/13 at 11:03 pm

Dear Sir My father Jimmy Clarke was employed at Black Dyke Mill between 1947 – 48.He was sent to the Mill from the cottage home in Medomsley Consett Co.Durham.During that time he joined the band and made friends with. Allen Woodhead and Jeffery Thornton.My father is 82 years of age and is planning a visit to Queensbury is it possible to ask if anyone knows if these gentlemen are still living in the area.It would be great for my dad to meet up on his visit. Kindest regards Phillip Clarke.


Submitted on 2014/04/13 at 11:31 pm | In reply to Phillip Clarke.


I have placed your comments on the band’s Facebook page: Their web site is




Submitted on 2014/04/14 at 6:38 pm | In reply to admin.

Many thanks Stuart for your speedy reply




Submitted on 2014/04/16 at 10:42 am | In reply to Phillip Clarke.


Message received via Facebook:

From Paul Armstrong, Jeffery Thornton is living next to me on Littlemoor. Queensbury

Queensbury and Crime

Some sites dedicated to the Police and crime are shown below:,_Royds_and_Wibsey/BD132NB/53.762699342711000/-1.853369101601000/Neighbourhood


Street problems can be reported using:;longitude=-1.845037

Sour Heads Fencing Repairs – Submitted by Cllr Paul cromie

Hi Stuart,

I called on at Sour Heads today and assisted in the re-erection of the fencing that has been blocking the footpath for ages.

The posts have now been set in concrete this should prevent further complications whilst the building gets underway.

I will monitor the situation daily.

Kind regards Councillor Paul Cromie (Queensbury Ward Independent)