Queensbury Ward Partnership. 12 July 2016


1st Floor, Argus Chambers, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX

Queensbury Ward Partnership

On Tuesday 12 July 2016, 7.00pm at

St Theresa’s Church Hall, Russell Road, Queensbury, BD13 2AN


Statements attributed to individuals in these notes are not to be read as the views or opinions of either Bradford MDC or the Forum, but solely as the views of the person making them

  1. Welcome and Introductions

Taj opened the meeting, introduced himself and welcomed everyone present. Round the room introductions were given. A Get Well card for David Lightfoot, Tesco Community Champion was circulated for members to sign as he was in hospital recovering after an operation.

People present included Mohammed Taj (Ward Officer); Councillor Paul Cromie; Councillor Lynda Cromie; Dave Dodwell; Geoff Milner; Stuart Walker; Sue Dickerson; Beryl Robinson; Alan Senior; Andrew Senior; Robert Frost; Norah McWilliam; Richard Houseago; Betty Denton; Pat Sayers; Joan Shepherd; Alan Worthington; Carol Bower, John Uleichuk (Youth Service) Michelle Eggett (resident & Governor Bradford District Care Trust), and Dianne Duckworth (Note Taker).

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillor Lisa Carmody; Joan Milner; Carolyn Jowett; David Mitchell; Liz Robinson; Kathryn Halford; Sue Dewdney; Hazel Pearson.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – 10 May 2016

The minutes were then accepted as correct by Geoff Milner and seconded by Richard Houseago

  1. Matters Arising

Taj had made PC Amanda Simpson aware of the complaints raised at the last meeting in terms of speeding through High Street area of Queensbury and to look at doing some spot check patrols. It was reported that since the last meeting there had been a vehicle turned upside down on High Street due to fast driving. Speeding through the village has been raised so many times; it’s like a motorway.

Action: Taj to speak to PC Amanda Simpson again and to also add ‘traffic issues’ as a workshop at the Ward Forum in September.

Action: Taj to contact West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction regarding statistics for Highgate Road cameras and email them to Councillor Lynda Cromie.

Cllrs P and L Cromie met with Simon Moscrop re highways issues and they made it clear that this is dependant on funds but schemes are placed on a list if deemed a priority. Simon also visited Deanstones Lane with a view to look at the yellow lineage which has not been implemented. Simon went back to the office to investigate but it was assumed that vehicles had been parked making it impossible to carry out the work. Simon to follow it up.

Deanstone Lane is now a 20mph speed zone but the majority do not take any notice; vehicles regular overtake at high speeds and on the wrong side of the bollards. This road is a nightmare especially at school times with 4-5 buses parked up which then becomes a rat run 4-5pm onwards and in a morning. The meeting went onto to discuss speed cameras and the fatality criteria for them. It was also raised with the amount of people doing inappropriate activities whilst driving such as drinking coffee in the car, putting make-up on etc. Simon has implemented the Black Box on Deanstones Lane to capture volumes and speeds and size of vehicles which he read out at March meeting.

Action: Taj to invite a representative from the Highways Dept. to the next meeting to talk about highways issues and programme of works.

The big wall on Long Lane was discussed. Suggestions have been made to have a stop light at either end, a proposed walk-way on one side or a one way system for pupils walking to school. The meeting identified three priorities as Hainsworth Moor, Deanstones Lane and Long Lane.

It was also reported that parts of the road on Long Lane by the wall is collapsing and falling away into the field. The issue has been reported to Highways.

Beryl has reported blocked drained especially the one outside the co-op over a year ago, the council reported that they have been done but clearly they are in the same state. She also reported a blocked gully at Littlemoor opposite the wedding shop that has grass growing out of it.

Action: Taj to find out gully schedule from Highways.

It was reported that parking is an issue on Chapel Street and cars zooming through by the pizza shop, cars overtaking the waiting cars and on the wrong side of the road to avoid the queues, one car even mounted the pavement.

Fleet Lane was also raised as a concern in terms of speeding cars. The speeding issues are people coming through the village that have no respect. The meeting discussed where the money goes when people are fined for speeding. Taj urged people to ring 101 or Crime Stoppers to report crime.

The meeting discussed how to attract local people to get them involved. Cllr L Cromie suggested posting the flyer for the Ward Forum to the new housing estate and also to have a table on the night promoting the work of the Partnership and what groups are going on in Queensbury. Bradford South Facebook page is well used and the forum to be advertised on there.

Action: Taj to contact Neil at Queensbury Times re publicise the September Ward Forum and also Liz at Queensbury School to add to Twitter page.

Action: Taj to email members of Ward Partnership the date of the September award Forum to have table/ stalls at the event.

  1. Update from Community Groups

Youth Service:

John provided an update. He explained that a youth worker is working in schools and there are two sessions running from Victoria Hall on Wednesday night 5-8pm and Thursdays for year 7s from 4-8pm which includes 2hr swimming sessions for £1, glass engraving and graffiti art and arts award 7-8pm. Youth Service is working with Step 2 project that delivers work around sexual health advice for young people. It is aimed at youngsters between 15 and 25 years of age. All pubs have been leafleted that evening.

The young people have tended to the green space in Victoria Park. The grass has been cut and the young people have been involved with the bird boxes and planters, they also took part in the Dementia Friendly day event. Youth Service have a 6-week programme for the summer holidays including Art award, sports and archery, all information available on the website.

Cycle Queensbury:

Dave Dodwell provided a report on Cycle Queensbury Family fun ride day that took place on 20 May. The weather was kind to them with no wind or rain. There were 193 riders that registered but many more came to the event. Additional events extended out on the day were led Rides up to the Farm Shop with 47 people taking part. Thanks to Calderdale Cycling Club. Kids Off Road circuit with 56 people registering and many more took part. A miniature Steam railway, along the line of the old railway to the tunnel, thanks to Brighouse and Halifax Model Engineers. The Children’s Activity Tent was brilliant and thanks go to Cllr Carmody for putting in the preparations and running it. The Sustrans stall provided cycling information and were selling cycling accessories.

At the event, two women got together and decided to start a Queensbury women’s Cycling group. Six weeks on they have 145 members and have rides on Wednesday evenings and Sundays from beginners to intermediate. Cycle Queensbury has been active in lending bikes out for free to people who don’t have bikes.

During the months of June and July they have been helping with ‘Bikeability’ cycle training in three primary schools, Stocks Lane, Russell Hall and Sibden Head. Around 60, 9-10 year olds were taught to cycle safely on quiet roads.

1940’s group:

The 1940’s group organised the 1940’s day that successfully took place on Saturday 18th June 11.30am – 7.00pm. Everything worked well and went brilliantly. Stuart thanked everyone who assisted and had the support of all three Councillors. Stuart reeled off the activities and performances on the day especially the spitfire fly over. Next years 1940s day is scheduled for 17 June 2017 and the entertainer has been booked for the whole day.

1960s evening is taking place on 19 September in the George Pub.

Sue gave an update regarding Queensbury Performing Arts. This years pantomime is Sleeping Beauty meets Robin Hood. Auditions, workshops and rehearsals are taking place on Sundays 4-6.30/7pm. Volunteers are always needed in any shape of form. The group especially want males and teenagers to join the pantomime as momentarily mainly have 5-10 year old age range. Sue informed that people are getting this group confused with Act One and AKA thus may change the name so people know that this is a community group.

Support Centre:

Support Centre is for the elderly and is working well and has now over 25 clients a day on their books. Sessions run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10-3pm with new staff in place. However, they are always looking for volunteers to help make cups of tea, serve luncheon and help people play games etc. The centre hires a mini-bus to chauffeur people back and forth.


Michelle explained her role as Public Governor for the NHS organisation. Her role is to feedback on issues/ concerns raised by the community on community services such as mental health services, school nurses, midwifery, district nurses etc across the Bradford District and to feed back at board level.

Michelle spoke briefly about Carers Hub based at Horton Park Centre that opens daily 10-4pm for carers or respite.

Queensbury Dementia Friendly – was recently launched but no one turned up at the event. The relevant people have done the training its now about identifying these people.

Action: Michelle & Cllr Lynda Cromie to liaise with regard to Dementia Friendly.

Santa’s Grotto:

Beryl provided an update explaining that she cannot physically do it my herself and is in desperate need of help in any shape or form. Children will be very disappointed if it doesn’t go ahead. Councillors have pledged £500 and also applying for community chest funding but its help and ideas that are needed at the moment. Beryl said it’s a real work of art and she wants to role it out to the wider area.

Suggestions made were: run for longer over a few weekends and longer hours than the 3hours in the past. Quite a few members offered their help.


Norah spoke of QCHAP’s and Queensbury tunnel. The article in the T&A last Friday but a gloomy slant on the tunnel but Nora confirmed the state of play with Highways England in that they estimated a cost of £35milliom to fix the tunnel. An independent study has been undertaken by Sustrans and now awaiting alternative costings. Bradford and Calderdale Council have put in £10,000 into the Economic & Health study to pursue the benefits it could bring if the tunnel was preserved. Highways England own the tunnel and are willing to put money in. Launch of Crowd funding campaign to raise funds and setting a target of £5 donation from cycling groups. The tunnel would be the largest cycling tunnel in England and deserves future life instead of filling with concrete. It’s the third greatest piece of engineering in Yorkshire.

QCHAP has now moved to its new place in the mill yard. Thanks were given to all who helped in the move and for their fantastic contributions. However, the biggest challenge as the Mill is a Listed building is the fire escape and opening of windows which is crucial as events cannot be held until this is done. The mill owner has been very supportive.

Beryl is holding a table top sale at Queensbury Con Club in aid of QCHAP.

As part of the new site, there will be an exhibition showing the history of the mill with the help of the History group and their archives.

Carol Bower:

The announcement of the new Vicar will take place on Sunday with the induction starting 3/11. Everyone is excited by the prospect but unable to be named at the moment.

Autumn Fair is scheduled for 05 November.

Tree Festival will take place first week in December.

Band Concert was brilliant and a great success last weekend.

History Society – held an event in the Baptist Church and was very well attended with some very complementary feedback. Carol gave Sue’s apologies; they are to do a report together.

Queensbury Sport and Social Club:

Alan and Andrew provided an update with regard to the field and the facility and that there has been a lot of email correspondence back and forth with the Council Legal Department and pending court case in August. Councillors have been updated by Mick Priestley.

  1. Police update

There were no Police present to provide an update.

  1. Any Other Business

War Memorial – is taking its time. Metro will not moving the bus stop which as it would cost £10,000. Simon has contacted Metro and there is room to move it but the cost is for moving the services and communications.

Action: if a meeting is needed Richard to contact Taj to arrange one with Michala Bartle / John Eyles and Simon Moscrop.

Queensbury Cemetery Group – Fundraising event is on 03 September 2016 to go towards installation of railings. 20 places are available for children in years 5 and 6 for a free activity day at Doe Park and all primary schools have been contacted. All have sent out forms to children except Foxhill. Sponsorship is needed to fund the places.

Queensbury Life Church – Taj read out update provided by the Group.

Thanks to those who participated in the Mall at the Mill, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday especially to those who entertained us. QPA took the prize for the best decorated table.

Fun Day on Saturday 9th July went ahead despite the rain. We were able to use the school building for most of the activities and the gazebos were useful to cover the BBQ, entrance and live music areas. The large inflatables were used outside. Many thanks to 400 people who braved the weather and attended the event. This was 1/3 of the number we had in the glorious sunshine last year.

If you use Facebook, please like Queensbury Life Church which will update you on future events. Those planned for the next few months are:

Family Picnic and Sports in Russell Hall Park on Saturday 20 August, 12 noon to 3pm.

Fun for All in Victoria Hall on Saturday 24 September from 5-7pm.

Light Party at Queensbury Life Church on 31 October from 5-7pm.

For further details on the above visit the following facebook page: facebook.com/queensburylifechurch

Beryl had an email from Carolyn with regard to the experiment of enclosed wagons. Cllrs encouraged members to report spillages.

Action: Councillors to try and get information re covered wagons.

The new shop opposite the balloon shop looks very nice and it was suggested holding a High Street in Bloom. It was reported that Northern Horticultural Society has given some money in the past.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The group agreed that the next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 11 October 2016 at St Theresa’s Church Hall.

There were no further issues raised, therefore Taj thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.55pm

Planning Queensbury 21 August 2016 – Cllr Paul Cromie

Decking with integral swimming pool to rear garden and new 2 metre high close-boarded timber fencing to front boundary adjoining highway – 2 Cropredy Close Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1QY

Ref. No: 16/06872/HOU | Received date: Fri 12 Aug 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Partial demolition of existing rear extension and construction of extension with internal alterations. – Old Ghyll Farm Station Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1HR

Ref. No: 16/06211/HOU | Received date: Wed 20 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

T38 Prunus – Crown thin by 20% T39 Prunus – Crown thin by 20% T40 Acer – Crown thin by 20% T41 Fagus Sylvatica – Crown thin by 15% and remove branches that overhang into the garden T42 Fagus Sylvatica – Crown thin by 15% T43 Ilex x altaclerensis – removal of overhanging branches G14 Cherry, Laurels and Holly shrubs – remove – 5 Fieldfare Drive Bradford West Yorkshire BD6 3XL

Planning Queensbury, 29 July 3016 – Cllr Paul Cromie.


Construction of two-storey rear extension – 11A Moor Close Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2NS

Ref. No: 16/06039/HOU | Received date: Fri 15 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Re-development of existing bungalow including new first floor and new two-storey extension – 60 Long Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2LR

Ref. No: 16/06169/HOU | Received date: Tue 19 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Change of use of existing restaurant to two retail units and extension and splitting of existing apartment to form additional apartment and amendments to elevations – Royal Eastern Restaurant Brighouse Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1QD

Ref. No: 16/06149/FUL | Received date: Tue 19 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Queensbury Planning 28 July 2016 – Cllr Paul Cromie


Construction of two storey rear extension – 11A Moor Close Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2NS

Ref. No: 16/06039/HOU | Received date: Fri 15 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Proposed redevelopment of existing bungalow including new first floor and new two storey extension. – 60 Long Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2LR

Ref. No: 16/06169/HOU | Received date: Tue 19 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Construction of extension at first floor level – Torwood Lea Stone Street Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1JG

Ref. No: 16/06241/HOU | Received date: Fri 22 Jul 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application