Queensbury Community 1940’s Day – Saturday 17th June 2017



The Queensbury Community 1940’s Day Committee have been working hard planning another day of entertainment for Saturday 17th June 2017. Each year we plan to make it better then the preceding year and each year it becomes harder to do so. We need new committee members especially the younger generations to bring in new ideas, take over some of the tasks including many physical tasks not only on the day but days before and after.

If you think you may be able to help, why not attend one of our committee meeting held on the second Monday of every month at the George III, Chapel Street, Queensbury. The meeting commences at 6.30 pm and lasts for up to 11/2 hours. Or alternatively ring Stuart on 078 1520 1650.

This year we have afternoon entertainment from Kitty Lamare, Christopher and the Robins, Queensbury Music Centre Band, Revolution Show Band, Queensbury Singers, Queensbury Performing Arts, Holy Trinity Choir, Queensbury History Society, Police Museum, Marshall Waddington’s Fun Fare, a Tea Dance in the Conservative Club.

Our evening entertainment is provised by Kitty Lamare and the Ashby Big Band Tea Dance Band. Tickets for the evening will be on sale in May at a cost of £10 per person, sorry no concessions.

Foxhill School Children and Staff from Tesco Need Your Help

Earlier this month Children from Foxhill School teamed up with staff from Tesco and the Council Wardens and did a litter pick around the Traffic Lights in the village. This was in response to a letter sent by a year 2 pupil at Foxhill Primary School who was not happy about the amount of litter being dropped in and around the village.

The staff at Tesco, having seen to problem close up for themselves, have decided to hold a regular litterpick at the village’s litter “hotspots” once a month. Community Champion David Lightfoot said that “one lady at Tesco, who worked with the children was so impressed with the idea that she suggested to the store Management that we do something each month on a predetermined date. Her Manager had agreed to help.”

If any resident of the area would like to help with the litterpick or can Identify a litter “hotspot” needing attention, they should contact David Lightfoot on 07957383014.  The first one will be on April 4th at 10.30am.

Please not this does not include dog fouling problems which should be directed to the council.

This message does not mean that Tesco acknowledges any responsibility for the amount of litter being dropped but merely confirms that our employees do retain some civic pride and want to try and address the problem in the environment in which we work.

Boundary Review Submissions

Below is a  submission from Sandale re the strengths of the main submissions etc. Below these notes are notes on how to actually comment.
On behalf of the Sandale Trust I am putting in general comments regarding all major submissions that have an impact on South Bradford.
 1)       Conservative Proposal (BCE-30343)
2)       Batley and Spen Labour Party Proposal (Joint with Bradford South Labour Party) (BCE-25856)
3)       Halifax Labour Party (BCE – 26822)
 The Sandale Trust submission (BCE-17254) stresses the need not to break up the communities across constituencies just to make the numbers add up. Instead we urge the Commissioners to consider splitting wards to keep communities together. We will judge all submissions against the criteria of making constituencies fit communities and not numbers.
 1) Conservative Proposal (BCE-30343)
The Conservative proposal has come to the conclusion that to make a submission work, at least one ward needs to be split.
They have split a different ward from the one we suggested, but the results are fairly similar. They deploy powerful arguments on why Wyke, Great Horton, Wibsey and Royds need to be retained within a Bradford Constituency.
 The Conservative proposal (BCE – 32977) correctly identifies that Queensbury Ward was in the urban District of Queensbury and Shelf until 1974, and we accept that a significant proportion of the Ward identifies more with Calderdale. The Conservative proposal correctly identifies that the Royds ward was never in the urban district of Queensbury and Shelf, and that the composition of Royds means that it is closely aligns with Bradford. Royds is made up of parts of the urban villages of Low Moor and Wibsey, plus the famous Bradford Estates of Buttershaw and Woodside.
The Conservative proposals however chooses a different Bradford ward to be placed in a Pudsey constituency. We contend that Bradford Moor has more in common with Pudsey than the Tong Ward.
 However the Conservative proposal is a significant advance on the Boundary Commissions initial proposal.
 2)       Batley and Spen Labour Party Proposal) (BCE-25856)
This submission again splits a ward to ensure constituencies better fit communities. Again a different ward is split.
I feel that it is right not to tamper with the Batley and Spen constituency. As well as this helping to “Keep Bradford Bradford”, I feel that because of its recent tragic history it is as well not to cause any more upset by dividing a constituency that is already of the correct size.
This proposal retains Tong in Bradford South and instead moves Bradford Moor into Pudsey, which is the conclusion we came to.
 3)       Sandale Submission 
 We do not feel that it is necessary to move the whole of the Queensbury Ward into a Calderdale constituency. The Sandale submission moves only 7000 Queensbury voters into a Calderdale seat. The Polling Districts moved are from the Queensbury Village itself which shares a strong affinity with Calderdale. The polling Districts retained are outside the village centred around Cooper Lane. There are 4076 voters in the polling Districts that could be retained in Bradford South, as set out in our submission. (BCE – 17254)
I acknowledge that the Commissioners have a very difficult task, but I urge you to put communities first whenever possible, and to seriously consider the submissions of the Conservative Party, Batley and Spen (Bradford South) Labour Party and our own submission. 
You will be taken to “Find my constituency page”
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In enter comment ID box –  use the numbers in brackets and then add your comment.
1)       Sandale Proposal (17254)
2)       Conservative Proposal (30343)
3)       Batley and Spen Labour Party Proposal (25856) 
Click View& Comment (you will find the submission attachment on this page as well) 
Click Add Comment 
Then follow the instructions

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Support of Marie Curie

Hi Stuart
As you know i will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro July later this year.  Have a look at the link below.  It is from a blog from a group that has just completed the climb.  The account of the their experiences has made me more determine that I will complete the expedition.
Please could you place this email on the Queensbury village web site and circulate it to all the walking group.
If anyone is inspired to join me on my expedition i would make them more than welcome.
If you don’t fancy being so energetic you could always make a donation to Marie Curie  by visiting my justgiving page (see the link below.)
Martin booth


Queensbury Walking Group Helping Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team Training

Members of the Queensbury Walking Groups attended at St Ives, Bingley on Saturday 11 March 2017. They were to act as casualties in the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team training. We were briefed prior to the start of the training session, there were 3 sites with an injury at each.

Members of the team were presented with a situation and had to deal with it. Primary and secondary surveys were carried out on the casualty. In one case the casualty was placed  in a cervical collar then placed on a scoop stretcher and then transferred to a  vacuum mattress.

Part way through the training the team were called out to a live incident in Hebden Bridge, I believe this involved a casualty who required carrying over one mile on a stretcher.

The work that the team does is fantastic and a real life saver.

Queensbury Planning 24 February 2017 – Cllr Paul Cromie

Change of use from existing A2 financial and professional services to C3 dwellinghouse – 4 Albert Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1PT

Ref. No: 17/00820/FUL | Received date: Sun 19 Feb 2017 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Construction of 1st storey bedroom extension. – 19 Ambleton Way Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2DZ

Ref. No: 17/00856/HOU | Received date: Tue 21 Feb 2017 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application