Queensbury Mill Chimney – What a View – Submitted by Gary Brown

Watch an unedited video taken by Gary using his drone, similar to a small helicopter.


Gary charges £50 for images and £250 for videos, they would be edited unlike the chimney. His mobile is 07738276411.


Theft of lead from Victoria Hall Queensbury – Now with Photos – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

The photos have been provided by Gary Brown, 07738276411 skyviewyorkshire@gmail.com these were taken using a drone on the evening of Tuesday 25 June 2013


From Cllr Paul Cromie:

At approx. 11 40 pm on the 20th of June I reported thieves stealing lead from the Victoria Hall roof via a 999 call.

I saw three men then load the lead into a white car and speed off.

I went to the scene and a person told me he saw a police car speed off towards Bradford, was it chasing the white car.

Sue, it might be wise to check the Church roof.


Hi Everyone,

I have just received a call from the Police.

Good news they were chasing the white car they stopped it and arrested the 4 occupants and recovered the stolen lead.

Alan, et al, well done, you were on the ball.

We might be able to use this to promote by asking residents to report crime as it happens, even if residents are only suspicious it always pays to ring the police.

Kind regards Paul




Web Site Imbalance in Content – Do You Want to Submit an Article?

The following was received by email:

I am concerned at the lack of balance in articles on this site, Cllr Cromies seem to be endored by the editor, and no other views are expressed.



I replied as follows:


Thank you for your valuable comment, this is my site and no one else has any control. I input any suitable articles I receive and those that I research. It is true that Cllr Cromie has taken time to send me a few articles. Others have not actually submitted any articles, hence the imbalance. I can only input what I receive.

Feel free to submit articles, all gratefully received.

I will place your comments on the site, taking out your contact details.



Reply from John:

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply, I did not want to cause you any offence, I think this website is a credit to you and provides an invaluable source of information to Queensbury people, and I think it gives a more local aspect, something the T&A rarely does.