Old Book of Queensbury.

Historical Sketches

I have been given some photo copied sheets from the below book:

Clayton, Old Dolphin, Queensbury district and Shibden Dale: Historical sketches by James Parker 1901

and would like to borrow this book from someone or library so that I can scan it and place information on this web site for all to have use of. It will now be out of copyright so I should not have a problem.

Cycle Route in Queensbury – Black Dyke Mills Development – S106 – Updated

Below are copies of emails received from Cllr Paul Cromie and Dave Dodwell:

Latest Update:

Sorry John, I have just found the site layout plan at http://www.planning4bradford.com/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=MT9WXSDH0DX00

I notice that on the plan there is a footpath link from the Development’s roads onto the existing footpath, opposite Mount Pleasant Street. It looks as though this link could be widened to allow cyclists to dismount and get through.

However, I notice that on the plan there is also a road from the Development adjoining the footpath further south. If pedestrian/cycle access could be made at this point, it would link to our proposed cycle path (mentioned in my initial email  and see http://gb.mapometer.com/cycling/route_3761331.html ) much further south-west, cutting out the need for upgrading a large section of footpath and making it a much more economical and practical proposal.

Access at this point would also make a lot of sense for children who need to travel to Queensbury Secondary School, Russell Hall Primary School and Shibden Head Primary School, from the new Development, and also from residential areas such as Hillcrest and Naseby Rise.

Kind regards

Dave Dodwell


Dave Dodwell

Secretary, Cycle Queensbury

PS I am copying Tom Jones, Transport Planning, and Tim Brooks, Rights of Way into the message for their information.


Dear Cllr Cromie,

The development at Black Dyke Mills has already got full planning permission so the S106 and conditions are already decided and cannot have this cycle route include at this stage.

I have asked the Section 38 Engineer dealing with the internal road layout to see if it is possible to take account of a cycle link and to speak with the developer about it. I do not think a separate cycle lane or path will be necessary through the development as it is a very low order road / shared surface and does not warrant separate facilities and the route can run on road.

The main thing to consider is the ability to provide a link from the development onto the footpath running along the western flank. This may not be possible within the existing planning permission though if it is seen as a material amendment.

I will ask the questions.


John Rowley Continue reading “Cycle Route in Queensbury – Black Dyke Mills Development – S106 – Updated”

Queensbury Tunnel – Help Needed

Hello Stuart

Did you see the lively article in the T&A about the Queensbury tunnel (“Bike lights at the end of the tunnel”, Saturday 18th January) – it conveys the realistic prospect of this fantastic feature of Bradford’s landscape becoming a major attraction of national interest – for cyclists, walkers and railway enthusiasts. The urgent step needed is for senior council members of Bradford and Calderdale to talk directly to the persons at the railway company who are due to undertake repairs in the tunnel. If the repairs are effected with concrete sleeves, as is feasible, rather than with pillars this will leave open the passageway for Sustrans to eventually complete this section of the Great Northern Railway Trail. Continue reading “Queensbury Tunnel – Help Needed”

Queensbury Walking Group – Summary of 2013

The groups have had a very successful year, brief details are below:

The Afternoon Group attended 43 walks, completed 157 miles and ascended 13,070 feet,

The Evening Group attended 47 walks, completed 277 miles and ascended 36,529 feet.

I was lucky to be able to complete 101 walks, climb 58,312 feet and walk 506 miles. I know the two group figures do not add up to my total, I did go out in very inclement weather when the groups did not walk. As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather, if you wear appropriate clothing”.

Over the year we walked across Morecambe Bay, Kildwick, Chellow Dene, Battyeford, Farndale, Goitstock, Hardcastle Craggs, Top Withens, Harewood House, Wycoller, Bolton Abbey and many more local walks such as Bingley, Thornton, Shelf, Northowram, Shibden Valley, Denholme, and Ogden.

We also hired a narrow boat for a day and travelled from Hebden Bridge to Todmorden (Well nearly, as we ran out of time) and back. Bacon butties were cooked on board.

There are many photos on our Facebook pages at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/311766842927/


Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group

Walking for Health Benefits:

Walking can prevent and manage heart disease

Walking reduces the risk of having a stroke

Regular exercise can strengthen bones

Walking can reduce the pain associated with arthritis of the knee

Physical activity can improve balance, co-ordination and joint flexibility

Lifelong exercise has been shown to lessen the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Regular exercise is associated with a 40% reduction in bowel cancer

Exercise can reduce anxiety and depression

Regular walking has been associated with increased confidence, stamina and energy levels

Walking is an activity which promotes friendship and social inter­action, it enhances community spirit

Exercise increases feelings of independence and reduces feelings of loneliness

Walking is available to everyone

Walking costs little and only minimal special equipment is needed

Romany Caravan

We have had a very successful December in 2013, a list of some of our events and walks follows:

Friday 6 December 2013
Members attended Victoria Hall for an outstanding performance by Queensbury Singers and Friends.


Thursday 12 December 2013
6 members used the ferry to travel to Bruges.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Walk with Cycle Queensbury on the Great Northern Rail Trail.

Winter warmer photo

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Victoria Hall, Queensbury – Our Grade II Listed Building

See the following links for details of the Queenbury Conservation Area:



It is shown as  a Public hall incorporating swimming baths,
library and council chamber.

The Council has it’s own policy on the change of use and demolition of listed buildings. These can be found in the document and may prevent development of the site.