Moecambe Bay and Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group

The Morecambe Bay Walks are being run in 2014.

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I do not know at this time if we will be walking over Morecambe Bay this year. Please see the link for further information and one of the guides comments:


Queensbury Tunnel – Update

It’s been a bit of a social media rollercoaster this week – campaigner Graeme Bickerdike has set up our Facebook page

and last night I jumped into Twitter for the first time


had a Radio Leeds interview this morning

The item starts 1hr 37m 45s in. Available for seven days.

and we’re due to get some airtime on Look North this evening

Queensbury and Stage Coaches

Leeds and Halifax Turnpike Road.


 The sum of £2000 is wanted on the security of the Tolls of the above roads, which produce an annual Revenue of £7575. Interest after the rate of 5 per cent. per annum will be punctually paid, half-yearly. The object of the Trustees in taking up the above sum is to give work to the unemployed poor of the neighbourhood.

Particulars may be known on application at the offices of Messrs. Hailston and Thompson in Bradford.

The money will be accepted in sums of not less than £100 each.

Bradford, July 24th, 1826.

 At a Meeting of the Highway Commissioners of the above board held at the Sun Inn, Bradford, May 23rd, 1824, Mr. Michael Stocks in the chair, “It was resolved to make a new road to Halifax and Manchester, so as to be able to avoid Clayton Heights, Blackstone Edge, and other considerable Hills.”

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Great Northern Rail Trail – Current state of tunnels

The Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group have walked a lot of the track from Queensbury to Cullingworth over the last few weeks. The photos show the state of the tunnel entrances. Whilst these look well overgrown, it would not take a lot of mechanical effort to remove what nature has tried to reclaim.

Simon’s Seat – Tuesday 18 February 2014 – QCP Walking Group

I need to know who is going on this walk so transport can be planned. So can you email me if going. We can then use car share to keep the costs down.

Sandholme car park opens at 9.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm. Parking is free. Toilets are available at the Cavendish Pavilion.

There is a mobile café on the road from Skipton to Bolton Abbey and we could obtain a sandwich from there, it should give us energy to walk up the hill.

We need to take food and a drink as there is nowhere to purchase these on route.

Of course waterproofs are required, even if dry, this will stop wind chill.

The walk is 9.5 miles, with a climb of 500 metres.

All of the climb is done in the first 3.5 miles, then downhill and flat.

We will walk through The Valley of Desolation, have lunch at Simon’s Seat depending upon the weather or lower down the valley where there will be some shelter. We then visit Drebley, where we join the banks of the River Wharfe. Then we visit Barden Tower, The Strid and return back to the Cavendish Pavilion for a cup of tea or coffee.,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNFisTKi2LtKdalEb3FXfP5EzNVI9Q&ust=1391766379211614