Walking Group visit to Malham – Saturday 25 October 2014

All images by Julie Russell.

Members of the Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group went to Malham on Saturday 25 October 2014. From Malham we walked up to Malham Cove and had a look at the water flowing from the base of the Cove, then an upward glance revealed the full height of the Cove a 80 metre (260 foot) high cliff face. We then climbed up the 400 irregular stone steps to the top of the Cove. there was no rush do this. Then through the dry valley and onto Malham Tarn, a glacial lake 377 metres (1,237 ft) above sea level, making it the highest lake in England.  It takes approximately 11 weeks for water to leave the lake after it has entered. The primary outflow is a small stream at the southern end of the lake. The outflow stream goes underground after approximately 500 metres (1,600 ft) before emerging downstream of Malham Cove as a source of the River Aire. Then we passed Seaty Hill  with a good-sized burial mound on top, and then walked through the old Roman Marching Camp, then to Gordale Scar, It contains two waterfalls and has overhanging limestone cliffs over 100 metres high. The gorge could have been formed by water from melting glaciers or a cavern collapse. Then onto Janet’s Foss and back to Malham.

About 9.7 miles, breakfast at a café in Steeton and toilets in Malham.






Queensbury Pool – Cllr Lynda Cromie

From: Chris Eaton Sent: 09 October 2014 13:59 To: Cllr Val Slater; Cllr Lynda Cromie; Cllr Paul Cromie Subject: FW: Asa Briggs

Hello Councillors

There is a proposal for a new swimming pool on the recreation ground at Clayton Heights/Queensbury. There has been a public consultation by Recreation for  the proposed new pool.  Members of the public should at this stage respond to Recreation , although the period to comment has expired . Please see the link below.






Queensbury Pool – Latest News by Cllr Lynda Cromie

Below is a copy of an email received from Cllr Lynda Cromie.

Hi Stuart,


Regards Lynda


From: Marie Copley Sent: 09 October 2014 16:11 To: Cllr Lynda Cromie; Cllr Michael Walls; Cllr Paul Cromie Subject: FW: Queensbury Pool

Dear all

please see reply from John Coulton, currently the report regarding pools is going to the Council Executive on November 4th. You may want to let you constituents know. If there are any changes I will let you know.

Kind Regards

Marie Copley

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Looking for film contributors in Queensbury – Hazel Pearson, Queensbury History Society

Subject: Looking for film contributors in Queensbury

Hi Sheila. (Thornton),

It was great speaking with you just now about potential ex-Black Dyke Mill workers & the opportunity to attend the History Society meeting tomorrow.

A few more details about what I’m trying to achieve…

I’m writing from a TV production company (http://mindseyemedia.tv/) who have recently been asked to make a series of documentary style TV commercials for a major British food brand.

We’re looking to film with people that used to work in some of the UK’s best known mills/factories & I think that Queensbury would be a great place to start!

We’re keen to speak with people that may have worked in Black Dyke Mill before its closure. We’d be especially keen to hear from ex-workers that may have lost touch with colleagues/friends and are keen to reunite with them, perhaps someone that has moved away from the area or abroad.

We could help to make this reunion happen soon and would pay for all costs incurred!

We’d just ask that we could follow and film their reunion story.

I’ll arrive in Bradford tomorrow and be spending a few days in the area scouting locations and hoping to meet with various people.

I look forward to meeting with you and Hazel tomorrow & please do feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think might fit the description above.

Best wishes,

Anna Martin


M: +44 (0) 7927 186 160


Queensbury War Memorial Refurbishment – Cllr Lynda Cromie

Subject: Queensbury War Memorial

Good afternoon councillors, Dave Elcock was attending to request from a Queensbury ward member relating to the War Memorial in Queensbury.

As Dave is currently off work I am dealing with the matter on his behalf. I have contacted a specials contractor and agreed works to include degreasing and power washing the memorial paving and plaques and re-lettering the column and name plaques. The council’s builders will also re-point open joints in the paving.

Although the contractor plans to clean the memorial and start on the lettering to the column they have advised that the complete works i.e. the lettering to the name plaques is unlikely to be done before Remembrance Sunday.

I thought you would appreciate been advised of this information in advance, but pleased be assured that the works to re-letter the names will be carried out as soon as they are able to programme the works.

Kind Regards

David Cansfield

Area Parks Manager (Bradford West)

Sport & Leisure Services

Tel: 01274 431564.

Lister Park Depot, North Park Road, Bradford, BD9 4NR

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Department of Environment & Sport


That’s great.

Thank you.

Kind regards Paul n Lynda