Cllrs Cromie – Distribute Money From Own Pocket

Today at the Remembrance service at Clayton Heights Lynda presented Bert Haigh the treasure of Asa Briggs Bowling Club with a £500 donation to help pay for their new lawn mower.

Bert on behalf of Asa Briggs accepted our cheque he had originally applied for the money from the Queensbury Ward Budget last year but was turned down by the Bfd South Area Committee.

To be turned down by the committee after the Ward Councillors had approved the application was appalling so Lynda and I promised that we would pay them out of our own pocket  and that they would not loose out.

Kind regards Councillors Paul n Lynda Cromie

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Queensbury News – 7 November 2014 – Cllr Lynda Cromie

I am pleased to be able to bring you news of this fantastic achievement by our friend Robin Naylor.

Please support the hard work he has done.

For those of you who attended the Cycle Queensbury event earlier this year you may remember the Aquabox people they had a stall just off Cockin Lane on the Great Northern Trail.

Kind regards and blessings Paul n Lynda


Hello Paul,

Hope you are well and thank you for spreading the word about the Balsam Bash in Littlemoor Park. It was such a big success and were booked in to repeat again next June.

On a slightly different note…

I wonder if you had heard of our Rotary River Aire Challenge? It all happened in September to raise funds for Aquabox the water Charity.

A local man Robin Naylor canoed 5 marathons in 5 days down the length of the River Aire to help with the cause.

On the 19th November at Sandal Farm, we are having a bit of a ‘do’ to celebrate the success and honour Robin and Aquabox for their efforts.

It would be great if you could attend our finale evening and spread the word for us.

I have attached the invite for you.

Kind Regards,

Carolyn Bowe

Member of Rotary Club of Bradford West

Queensbury News – 6 November 2014

Well done to the Omnibus darts and dominoes team once again winning the Halifax Individual Trophies with Dale Everett the darts winner and Pat and Lynne Ryan the Domino Cup winners. We now have darts and dominoes teams at home every Monday and Wednesday nights at the Omnibus pub. The Omnibus will soon be holding an under 21’s darts OO for the Bradford Keighley and Halifax Areas, for details call 07826936200.

QUEENSBURY SPUD RUN: Will be underway on Sunday, 16th November starting at the Old Dolphin Pub, Queensbury at 12pm, finishing at the Omnibus with calls at the Halfway House, George III , Ring O’ Bells and the New Dolphin on route. All sponsorship raised will be donated to Queensbury Cricket Club on the day. Details of how to enter please call 07826936200.




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