Cllr Lynda Cromie Donates £250 to Queensbury Performing Arts


Hi Stuart,

Having seen the recent Cinderella pantomime and all the hard work that went into it I wanted to make a small gesture re a donation of £250.

Kathryn Halford (QPA treasurer) and Sue Dickerson’s sister Pauline and co-writer of the panto acceped the check on behalf of Sue in her absence.

When I say seen the panto I only saw snip its as I was working with the other volunteers in the kitchen.

I saw Paul’s brief appearance with you on stage and thought the add lib  from you both was very funny.

I understand one member of your small group wasn’t too happy.

Paul and I can’t wait till next year,  everyone we speak to says how

Kind regards Lynda

QCP Walking Group – Daffodil Walk Sunday 22 March 2015

Members of the Queensbury Community Programme attended the Marie Curie Daffodil Walk at Bingley on Sunday 22nd March 2015. We did not complete the 6 mile walk due to the beautiful warm weather. We extended the walk to include the outskirts of Keighley at Thwaites, East Morton and the Five Rise Locks. This made the walk 10 miles in length.

Community Asset Transfer – Queensbury

Dear all

Please see e mails below. We have had discussions at Victoria Hall User group regarding the possibility of Victoria Hall being transferred to the community. This will provide an opportunity to find out more about what it entails.

If anyone is interested in attending please contact Heather Wilson directly.


Kind Regards


Marie Copley

Ward Officer – Queensbury Ward

Bradford South Area Co-ordinator’s Office

Neighbourhood and Customer Services

Tel: 01274 431155. Mob: 07582100304

3rd Floor North, Jacobs Well, Bradford. BD1 5RW

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Department of Environment & Sport


Subject: Re Invitation to information session for Community Asset Transfers



I wondered if you may be able to send out to your mailing lists of voluntary and community groups in your areas the details below and invitation to attend an information session about Community Asset Transfers.

This session will be focussed on sharing information about the Councils process for expressing interest and for formally putting a request in for a Community Asset Transfers and will detail what happens after and EOI is received and the decision making process / timeframes etc. This has already been circulated to the 19 groups who expressed interest in finding out more during the Youth Service Buildings Review, and it is to be sent to those who were interested in Childrens Centres for which there are also a number that are to be considered for exploration of “Alternative Estate Management Arrangements”. There is also expected to be some press coverage inviting groups to attend and find out more details so I thought it may be useful to also send out across your mailing lists so organisations have opportunity to get the factual details about the CAT process.





In the Autumn I was in contact with a number of voluntary and community sector groups whilst undertaking the Youth Service Buildings Review. This review is now completed and the recommendations and next steps have been agreed with the Council Executive. As a result I am now exploring the options for alternative estate management arrangements for a number of Youth Service properties, and colleagues in Early Years are also exploring this some of the Children Centre properties in the District. Part of the considerations of Alternative Estate Management arrangements could include consideration of Community Asset Transfers of some of the properties.


During the Review there were a number of organisations who expressed interest in finding out more about the Community Asset Transfer process, and in response to this I have now arranged an information session to which I would wish to extend an invitation to other voluntary and community sector groups.

During the Information session we will share the details of the Council‘s Youth Service buildings and Childrens Centre buildings, including those that were identified for exploration of alternative estate management arrangements. We will share the details of how organisations can make expressions of interest and proceed to formal applications for Community Asset Transfers. Colleagues from Early Years and the Councils Estates Team will be in attendance and there will be opportunity within this session to ask any questions you may have in relation to Asset Transfers and the process.

The information session will run on Monday 30th March at 5pm at Future House (BD4 7ED) – Conference Room D.


Please can you confirm via email if you wish to attend and numbers we can expect for the session.

Many thanks


Heather Wilson

Commissioner (Youth Provision)

Tel: 01274 431781 ● Mob: 07582 100 692

Strategic Commissioning  

Queensbury Community Boiler donated by Cllrs Paul and Lynda Cromie

Councillors Paul and Lynda Cromie have purchased a water boiler for community use. They have done so out of their own pocket. This is as a result of local organisations struggling to provide hot drinks to people attending their events. They identified the need for a boiler and immediately purchased one. The boiler has been loaned out twice already to my knowledge.

If your organisation would like to borrow the boiler please contact Lynda or Paul.

The following has been received on 16th March 2015:

Hi Stuart,

Lynda and I attended Abby’s fund raiser on Sunday at the Con Club and donated the community boiler we bought and £50 towards Abby’s trip

The check and boiler were well received,  Norah from QCHAP eyes lit up and said it would be perfect for community events at the Black Dyke Mills Heritage Centre Black Dyke Mills QCHAPS base.

Kind regards Paul n Lynda

Boiler 2

Boiler 1


Queensbury Cricket Club Receive Funds – Cllr Lynda Cromie

QCricket Club (13)


Thank you very much for visiting our facility this morning – hopefully you will be able to visit in the

summer months when the weather may be a little more clement.

You are always welcome at QCC.

Thank you even more for the grant of £500 towards our security shutter project.

Being somewhat out on a limb we are prone to vandalism and the old shutters were no longer much of

a deterrent. Additionally they had become rather unsightly. Your grant of £500, the £800 from the Council

and the proceeds of last winter’s “Spud Run” have enabled us to fix matching security shutters to all the

doors and windows of the pavilion.

The lounge you sat in (the Lockley Lounge) was constructed by one of our members – Rus Lockley in

September 2013. It has already proved a tremendous improvement to our facilities resulting in more

socialiing after matches.

We will again start posting information on the Queensbury website.


Neil Myers


Hi Neil,

Thank you for your hospitality this morning.

Lynda and I amazed by the standard of workmanship re your new lounge and security shutters.

The £500 we gave you was a donation from ourselves out of our own pockets and was to top up the £800 we allocated you through the ward budget process.

Lynda and I are always pleased to be able to support local clubs, groups and Churches financially by donating some of our councillor wages back to the Queensbury Community.

This we have done every year since 2006 when we were first elected and will continue to do as long as we are on the council.

I will re-take some of the other photos of the wall , the fog this morning along with the fact that I had the camera on the wrong setting didn’t help.

Stuart, Lynda and I donated £500 to Queensbury Cricket Club this morning Neil will be sending you more info re QCC in the near future.

Kind regards Councillors Paul n Lynda Cromie

Dog Fouling – Cllr Paul Cromie Stands Up for Your Rights to Have a Clean Village

Last evening I spotted a young lad about 15 year old walking 3 dogs on the playing field at Moor Close Ave Queensbury a notorious dog fouling area.

One of his dogs left a large pile of poo and the lad walked off.

I asked him if he was going to pick it up and he just shook his head in disbelief at my question.

I asked him if he knew who I was?  to which he replied no, I told him my name Paul Cromie and that I was his ward councillor and also that dog fouling was an offence.

I asked he where he lived and he refused to tell me, I told him I would follow him home to get his address and then write to his parents explaining about dog fouling offences.

At this point he wandered off and I rang PCSO John Greenwood who fortunately was in the Police Box less that a quarter of a mile away.

I went and picked Pcso Greenwood up and he interviewed the lad who gave him his details.

About an hour later as I was at home I received a telephone call from the lads mother who was screaming and shouting down the phone that I had threatened her son.

She claimed that I had threatened him that I was going to follow him home and she was quite irate,  I wasn’t going to listen to her ranting as I was only doing my duty in reporting an offence, at our Ward Partnership meetings our main aim is to identify the culprits write to them with a warning.

I told her to shut up and put the phone down her, PXSO Greenwood rang her and she told him they would go and pick the poo up,  he was happy that she said they would clean it up and said if they did no further action would be taken.

I am pleased to say that on my way to morning prayers at Holy Trinity I went and had a look and true to her word the poo was gone.

I have copied the councils monitoring officer in re l claims I threatened her son.

Kind regards Paul

Proposed Changes to Fostering Allowances – Cllr Lynda Cromie

What is being proposed:

The plan is to discontinue the vacancy retainer on the allowance – the allowance for the child would only be paid when a child is actually in placement.

  • The vacancy retainer would then be introduced on the foster carers’ fee.  If carers have a vacancy, their fee will reduce to 50% after 6 weeks and be suspended after 12 weeks.
  • Foster carers will be given the opportunity to change their terms of approval.  We will provide training and support so that they feel confident and competent to care for older children/more than 1 child; work in progress to develop a training programme to support those carers to look after older children
  • The Holiday Scheme, whereby carers receive additional fees if they take looked after children on holiday, will be discontinued, although carers will still be able to take paid annual leave.
  • Foster carers will still get a transport element of allowance for each child. Any requests over and above what’s expected from the allowance will be considered  e.g. frequent contact, long school journeys
  • Work is in progress to develop a recruitment strategy so that we will proactively recruit the carers we need in line with Bradford’s sufficiency plan
  • We will consult further with carers regarding the competence framework and progression, with the aim of introducing a clearer fee/payments structure by September 2015.
  • We will review how the Fostering Service deals with allegations and concerns so that we address issues of drift and delay At the end of the consultation period the service will consider all the feedback and formally write to carers informing them of the changes that will be made and the timescales for implementation. It is understandable that these proposals might cause concern for some carers; if you require additional support please contact your Supervising Social Worker or BAFA or Foster Line 0800-0407675.Regards. Julie JenkinsTel : (01274) 432904  Department of Children’s Services 
  • City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
  • Room 202, 2nd Floor, City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY
  • Assistant Director (Children’s Specialist Services)