Queensbury Ward Section 106 Funding – Cllr Paul Cromie

Queensbury Ward Section 106 Funding

Notes of meeting held at 10.00am on Thursday 18th June 2015,

 Ground floor, Jacobs Well


Mick Priestley – Technical Manager, Park and Greenspaces

Michaela Bartle – Monitoring Officer, Planning, Transportation & Highways

Roger Scales – Assistant Landscape Architect, Planning, Transportation & Highways

Mohammed Taj

Cllr Lisa Carmody

Cllr Paul Cromie

Apologies: Cllr Michael Walls

  1. Introductions / Welcome

Taj welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.

  1. Explanation of Section 106

Mick and Michaela explained Section 106 funding is what developers of larger sites pay to Councils to reduce the impact of the development. These are negotiated between the developer and the Council under the terms of Section 106, Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Developers sign a S106 agreement which is a legal document as part of their planning permission and this specifies what the money is spent on and where. For example S106 money is used to make improvements to highways, parks, public transport, schools. The funding discussed today will be for recreation and leisure facilities.

  1. Tesco Development Section 106 Funding

Roger explained that he works in the Landscape Design Unit and is dealing with the funding from the Tesco Development. This is approx. £65,000 for tree planting, hard and soft landscaping and townscapes improvements within Queensbury Ward. Suggestions included improvements to the footpath adjacent to Shibden Head Primary School and land at Fewstone Avenue.

Action: Michaela to find amount of funding available & timescales for spending.

Action: Ward Councillors to consider sites for this and then contact Roger with suggestion for possible schemes to progress.

Roger then left the meeting.

  1. Section 106 funding

Mick circulated document which stated the total funding available across the Ward. Revenue funding is for maintenance of schemes over 20/25 years and capital is improvements to public open space.

The total capital funding available is £207,102. The scheme in the pipeline is New Changing rooms at Foxhill costing between £100k to £160 depending on the final scheme. Mick is liaising with Sports Clubs on this scheme. There was then a discussion about improvements to the tennis courts at Russell Hall Park and possibly a Skate Park.

Additional funding of £216,000 will be available from the following developments:-

Harrowins Farm (Bellway Homes) – £143,555

Black Dyke Mi;lls (Harron Homes) – £60,000

Sandbeds (Thompson and Hargreaves) – £12,470



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