EU Referendum 23 June 2016 – Results in Bradford South

EU Referendum 23 June 2016 – Results per Mini-Count Team in Bradford South
Team Name Remain Leave
Gt Horton 4163 4011
Queensbury 2790 5500
Royds 2975 6219
Tong 2378 4386
Wibsey 2457 4691
Wyke 2341 5028
Total 17104 29835
NB.  The figures do not reflect entire wards or the constituency, as postal votes were returned
from across the district and mixed with votes from each ward/mini-count team

Queensbury 1940’s Day – Comments From Facebook

Carolyn Jowett Thanks for letting us take part this year. Venue is great as there is access to 3 places inside as well as grass and road. If you have the energy every year is good and there seems to be a good enough turn out to warrant it. Each one I’ve been to seems to be better than the previous one. It’s good to see a lot of the local groups take part. The fly past was great. Someone saw my husband and me carrying our children’s red table back from the Baptist Church this morning and thought we’d pinched the missing table!!

Kay Harrison Absolutely Fabulous day… all worked so hard.There are one or two tiny things i would like to say…..always easy from the outside i know……When is the meeting.x

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Stuart Walker Monday 4th July at the George 6.30 pm.

Lisa Carmody A real community event- we need that

Deborah Hunt Agree with this, also more for the kids, we had a fab time and loved the fly over

Jane Stewart Better turn out this year and the atmosphere was great , my only suggestion is the same as last year in that we need more food stalls apart from that I love the theme and scout involvement and venue is perfect

Margaret Rozee Well done Joan, sue , joan all the organisers what a team . Fantastic.

Sandra Burgan Fantastic event congratulations to every one who made it possible

Lisa Carmody From what I heard you did a brilliant job. I was sorry to miss the daytime but the evening was fantastic- the lady had the most beautiful voice. The only thing that worrys me knowing my children were there is the main rd right next to the green where the childrens rides were but I despise the road as we live so near it and see the speeds people travel on it. I think its getting better each year and it was great to see you less stressed this year 🙂

Lisa Carmody A real community event- we need that

Rita Jayne Cook‎ to 1940s Community Events Day Queensbury

7 hrs · City of Bradford ·

Fabulous day! Thanks for asking us to be part of it x

ALL ABOUT BRADFORD added 18 new photos — withAmy Louise and Lucinda Ellen McGrath.

10 hrs ·

In the far reaches of Queensbury the villages went back in time to the 1940s for a day. There was lots of singing dancing and stalls selling goods.
Hundreds of people came to this popular event many dressed up looking the part and getting in the swing of it.
The award winning Revolution Show Corps scout band played some breathtaking tunes.
Bradford’s Lord Mayor came to join in the fun and was presented with gifts from local children. Soon after an RAF Spitfire flew over the village giving it a real 1940s feel.
Well done to the people behind this event in creating a real community spirit.

Margaret Rozee It was a great day thanks for all your hard work. It would be good to do the dancing lessons in the club during the day as you can’t depend on our weather. Angela was fantastic at night, we could have done with more dancing between the singer intervals. Raffle was fun. How about extending it up chapple St . Nibbles on the tables instead of food would keep the costs down, maybe sell more tickets as well. The cakes were testy though, where did you get them from ? Keep the comments flowing so we can improve the day. Helga and Beryl were stars of the day with the sick Elvis. On the whole I enjoyed it .

Andy Presto

Yesterday at 19:12

Loved it today when a community comes together the highlight was the spitfire we owe so much to this owesome plane for our freedom? Thank you to all the people who spent time and effort organise this brilliant !

John T Barton Community — Enough said, we came together, Amazing day

Nikki Robinson Me and my 7 yr old thought the spit fire was awesome x thanks to whoever made that happen xx

Eric Langford Wonderful turn out, wonderful pictorial images on line. Great day!

Chris Mcmahon Wow brill photos of our village 2016

Joan Rodgers That was awesome.!!

Steve Kirby Congrats to whoever organised that.

Jane Stewart Very impressive well done to whoever organised it

Les Springham Saw the spitfire while bowling at queensbury bowling
Club the sound of the Merlin engine was awesome as it
Flew over low and fast.

Margaret Oxley

Yesterday at 17:45

Well done to everyone who contributed to the 40’s day. Great to see so many turn out to support this event that so many people put their time and effort in to make a success of a community event.

Claire Swift

Yesterday at 15:57

Spitfire flying over Wow Wow Balloons this afternoon. Well done to everyone involved this afternoons event 😀

Catherine Smith

Yesterday at 15:51 · City of Bradford

What a fab community event Queensbury has had today! Thanks to everyone who has visited Tescos stall in the con club we have raised over £100 for diabetes uk and British heart foundation

Rita Jayne Cook The stalls in the Churches seemed a little far out from the rest of the activities and don’t think everyone knew about them so I’d say try and keep everything closer if poss but otherwise it was great and yes definitely an annual event! 😊

Joyce Trueman I was proud to be a part of one of the best community events I have seen. With Gods grace I think it should go on every year, and go from strength to strength. Everyone seemed to have a great day.

arah Matthews It was a really good day, it seems to get better each year. I appreciate how much work and effort has gone into organising it and Thank You. However, whilst the 40’s are a decade worthy of remembering and acknowledging for reasons we now why, many villages already do this; there are other decades worthy of remembering too.
My suggestion is that we rotate the decades, 50’s next year, 60’s the year after..?70’s? Even take it back to the 20’s??
Queensbury is a ‘Dementia friendly’ village, and celebrating the different decades in this way may be both fun and cathartic for our residents affected with this cruel condition and their families.
Easy for me to say I know…… was just a thought. Well done and thank you again for a fabulous day.

Andy Presto Should go the full length of chapel street with more stalls but it was brilliant

Ann Delahunty Was a good day shame on taking trade on local shops fish and chips always from scots , not from a brought in van !!

Margaret Charlton Brilliant Day. Well done to planners.

Judy Lynn Wetherell Fantastic, yes to next year, venue perfect, 2018 would be a good to celebrate end of WW1. Congratulations to planning group for organising such a great village event.

Carolyn Jowett 2018 would be a good time to celebrate end of WW1?

Karol Whettlock I was only there from 12.30 until 2ish but thought it seemed a very well supported event. I’ve heard lots of people excited about the Spitfire. My only suggestion for improvement is some change of arrangement for where people sing. It was hard to hear people and we even struggled to hear each other whilst singing. Not sure what to suggest though, unless you could have a perfomance area at one end and all the “stalls” at the other.

Brenda Lowe Fantastic day my mum was over the moon with you all did for her she felt truely honoured to meet the Mayor and the Lord Lieutenant . Thank you all who organised it all for her

Queensbury 1940’s Day – 18 June 2016