Saturday 15th October – The Great War Remembered

Local History – The First World War

For the past two years we as a nation have been commemorating the centenary of the First World War and The Great War, many will have watched the Somme commemorations earlier this year. Closer to home a number of smaller events have been held in the village such as, cemetery walks and our own service to remember the first day of the Somme, these local events have been well supported. Afterwards I tend to meet a number of people who wish they had known earlier or were going to attend but for whatever reason the information did not reach them.

So this is an advance warning of a date to add to your diary, on Saturday 15th October two separate graveside services of remembrance will be held in the village for two servicemen who died just a week apart and who were both buried in their own community.

William Sharp lived on Ladysmith Road and was a casualty of the Somme, having been wounded at the front line he returned to England where he died in Huddersfield War Hospital on the 17th October 1916. He was buried at Ambler Thorn Methodist (New) Burial Ground. A service will be held at 10.45 am in this cemetery which is situated at the entrance of Shibden Head Lane. Please meet at 10.30 am and it is recommended that sturdy footwear is worn as this cemetery is somewhat neglected.

William Herbert Hodgson was a mechanic/navigator in the Royal Naval Air Service and drowned off the coast of Kent following a seaplane accident on the 12th October 1916. He lived at South Bank and his funeral was described in the Halifax Courier as a “Striking Queensbury spectacle”, as his coffin was carried into Queensbury Cemetery hundreds of onlookers packed the cemetery. The service for William Herbert Hodgson to be held at his grave in Queensbury Cemetery will start at 11.45am.

These services, organised by myself and Friends of Queensbury Cemetery, are a great opportunity to hear more about local history and of the men from Queensbury who fought in the First World War, both services will feature a detailed talk on the men followed by the service of remembrance, musical support will be provided by the Scout band who will play hymns from the original service of William Hodgson, finally those attending are welcome to bring wreaths/flowers to lay at the gravesides.

Andrew Mitchell

Queensbury the Great War Remembered

Inconsiderate Parking Outside Schools.

Police have teamed up with primary schools in Bradford District to launch a crackdown on illegal and inconsiderate parking outside schools. The initiative is being launched in response to complaints from residents, parents and schools across the district and will run throughout the autumn term from Monday, with the potential for further operations if the problem persists. Police will be working with pupils for two weeks at each school.

The first week will see motorists educated on the dangers of inconsiderate parking and why it is safer to park away from school grounds. Those who live a short distance away from the school will also be advised on the health benefits of walking to school.

The second week will be all about enforcement and anyone who parks their vehicle illegally or inconsiderately will be given a fine. Sergeant Adrian Wright, who has organised the initiative with support from Bradford District Council, said: “Inconsiderate and illegal parking is a problem at many schools across the district and we hope this campaign will make motorists think twice about where to park when they pick up and drop off their children. “Road safety measures such as zig-zags outside schools are there to keep school users safe and motorists should always avoid parking on these as they are likely to cause an obstruction. They should also avoid parking across people’s driveways and on the pavement. “Motorists should also note that we will be continuing to monitor schools for parking problems and will take further action against those who continue to park inconsiderately or cause an obstruction.”

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “People parking irresponsibly in school areas is a long-running problem and something we need to work with the police to clampdown on. These motorists, most of whom are parents or carers themselves, are not considering the dangers they pose to school children, and the inconvenience caused to local residents, when all they need to do is park slightly further away and walk a few extra yards, or even make the whole journey on foot if at all possible.”