Walking Group – Malham – Saturday 5th November 2016

We have some afternoon walkers who would like to try walking one of the Dales Walks. I have decided that an 8 mile walk will be more appropriate so that all can take part without suffering too much discomfort.
We will leave Queensbury at 8.00 am, we will then visit Belly Busters at Steeton for breakfast. The early start is so that we can make the best of available daylight, sunset being at 4.25 pm. We should be back in Malham by 3.00 pm which gives us some leeway for emergencies etc.
Directions to Malham are : through Skipton to Gargrave, turning right before the village centre, signposted Malham and Grassington. Travel through Aireton and Kirkby Malham. Parking on the roadside if possible to avoid charges. Post code of the Visitor Centre is BD23 4DA. If we have to park in the Visitor Centre car park the cost is £4.50 for the day. Toilets are available at the rear of the Visitor Centre
Therefore the walk will be from Malham, to the Cove, walk up the steps then cross the full width of the Cove, up to the Tarn down the hill to Gordale Scar, sometimes there is a refreshment caravan parked near Gordale Bridge where we have stopped previously, I cannot guarantee that it will be there. Then onto Janet’s Foss then follow the river back to Malham.
Most of the climbing is done up the steps, (400) at the side of the Cove then up Watlows Valley, 2 miles then it levels out or goes downhill for nearly all the rest of the walk.
If the weather is kind to us we should have majestic views over North Yorkshire.
Waterproofs are a must even if it is a fine day, these can act as a windbreak and prevent hypothermia. Food and drink are also essential as is any medication you may need. I carry a first aid kit which should cover most minor emergencies such as cuts and blisters.
Have a look at the following links for images of the views we may have.

Tesco’s Working To Promote Healthy Eating In Primary Schools

Tesco, Nationally, have for the past two years been involved with Primary schools, Scout and Guide associations, in a push to try and teach our children to adopt an healthy lifestyle in a concerted effort to help to reduce the amount of Childhood obesity that exists in today’s society. To this end each store have employed a “Farm to Fork Guide”  whose brief it has been to take children from local primary schools or brownie group on a guided tour to help children better understand the food we eat. They learn how and where it is grown, what is good for them, what is not and the nutritional value of different foods. In some cases they take a look behind the scenes at the store to see how food is stored in order to retain freshness until it can be sold without losing all of it’s nutritional value.

In Tesco’s store at Queensbury the Guy charged with this job is Community Champion David Lightfoot M.B.E. who only this week has hosted two of the tours, one for a group of Rainbow Brownies and one for the Reception Class of a local school. David says “We can offer up to 7 different trails according to the curriculum demands of the schools, the children’s age group or the needs of the Brownie or Cub packs. They range from, for the younger children, a trail to look at the different colours of the fresh fruit and veg they eat up to a trail where the older children can look at the food that athletes eat explaining that different sports require different foods to give the athletes either energy in a quick short burst say for a sprinter or for a long distance runner who needs food to give him a slow release of energy to help them over a longer time”. Up to present Tesco, nationally, have had well over one million children around their stores. In some cases visits to suppliers have also been arranged.

The groups usually finish their tour with a sampling session of differing foods from the store based around the tour they have been on. this is very popular especially amongst the younger children.

The pictures show some of the children from Denholme Primary school looking at the different fresh fruit and Vegetables on offer. They later did a mini shop which they self scanned themselves through the quick tills. They took their purchases back to school where they helped to make fruit smoothies. They all seemed to enjoy themselves.