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Dear Sirs

We are writing with regards to the Queensbury Clubhouse as a junior rugby team from within the village of Queensbury.

As Queensbury Juniors, we are a totally independent club with our own committee, bank account and fund raising events, with no financial ties to Queensbury Open Age Rugby Club or Queensbury Sports & Social Club.  We have a number of junior rugby league teams for both boys and girls with ages ranging from 6 years through to 17years.  With the vast history of rugby within the village we require a base to raise awareness of the great game of rugby league and to give the youth of the village something to be proud of!

We have now had a nomadic existence for over 20 years, since the original club house was sold with the promise that our own Club House will be built and usable.  This now seems so close, as the building is built, but as nothing has appeared to have happened in the last two years, we wonder if this will ever be completed!

As with village life, various rumours have circulated over time around the club house, both being finished and that it will never be finished.  Therefore to quash these rumours once and for all we ask for your assistance with the following questions to be answered by whoever knows the answers:

  1.  What needs to be done to allow the Club house to be finished?
  2. Who needs to do this?
  3. How do we ensure this is done?
  4. What is the timescale to see the Club house finished?
  5. What options are available to get the Club house finished?
  6. What can we do as Queensbury Juniors to ensure this project is finished?
  7. We continually see other projects being completed and planned but we are left behind, why?

We are sure that all of you will appreciate the frustration we are feeling, as we see our junior section struggling with the never ending promise of ‘it will be OK when the club house is finished!’

We feel to address these issues and finally have a tangible plan through to see the completion of The Queensbury Club House, a meeting of all the relevant parties would be advantageous, to involve all relevant parties and members of the local community.

As a Junior Club we feel let down by all parties involved with this project but just want to see a plan, with responsibilities attached, so that Queensbury Club House can be opened and used by the local community and the building already in place not left to the elements with no future.  We understand that it hasn’t been a project without controversy and would like to work alongside yourselves, Queensbury Sports & Social Club, the Council/Sports England/RFL to get this project finished and in use to promote the great game of rugby in the Bradford area.

We would appreciate a response within 14 days, so we can update our parents on the plan to see this project through to a finish.

Kind regards – Queensbury Juniors Rugby Club

c.c. Gerry Sutcliffe – MP, Paul Cromie – Local Councillor, Lynda Cromie – Local Councillor, Michael Walls – Local Councillor, David Green – Leader of the Council, Jennie Price – Chief Executive at Sport England, Nigel Wood – Chief Executive at The RFL, Queensbury Sports & Social Club.

Ian Brearley, Juniors Secretary

One Reply to “Queensbury Juniors ARLFC – Submitted by Cllr paul Cromie”

  1. Received from Cllr Paul Cromie:


    I have been pushing for ages for the project to be handed over to Bfd Council to finish if they are willing to do it and then re-negotiate the lease with QSSC.

    Lynda and I allocated £10k out of our share of the WFI Ward Investment money £66,600 we received from the sale of the Leeds Bradford Airport for an additional rugby pitch

    I arranged a meeting with the so called new? committee at QCP (Queensbury Community Programmes) HQ at the old Nat West Bank to talk about the QSSC building and the additional rugby only to be told I was a racist by a chap called NAME OMITTED BY ADMIN.

    I terminated the meeting immediately and made the point that the meeting was to discuss ways forward to complete the building and deliver an additional pitch so our youngsters could play rugby before their beards touched the floor.

    I was liaising with Mick Priestly from the council and told QSSC that I would be happy to be their voice to discus a solution with the council.

    I am still prepared to do that, there is a lot of good intention with several people Andy Senior and his supporters in particular salt of the earth but as far I can see it there is only one solution involve Bfd Council, but Andy and his supporters are adamant sadly that that in their view that is not an option they claim that they can finish it themselves, I honestly cant see that happening although I wished them luck.

    I only wish I could get them to start negotiations with Bfd Council, at this stage I must point out that no official talks have taken place with the Bfd Council only verbally and an odd e-mail by myself and Mick Priestly excuse the pun to try and start the ball rolling.

    May I respectfully request you talk to them and make them see sense or the building will never be completed, by the way Bfd Council are in the process of re-claiming the £10k Lynda and I gave QSSC for the additional pitch out of our WIF money which should have been completed several years ago but still looks like a army assault course.

    Kind regards Councillor Paul Cromie Queensbury Ward Independent

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