Queensbury War Memorial Refurbishment – Cllr Lynda Cromie

Subject: Queensbury War Memorial

Good afternoon councillors, Dave Elcock was attending to request from a Queensbury ward member relating to the War Memorial in Queensbury.

As Dave is currently off work I am dealing with the matter on his behalf. I have contacted a specials contractor and agreed works to include degreasing and power washing the memorial paving and plaques and re-lettering the column and name plaques. The council’s builders will also re-point open joints in the paving.

Although the contractor plans to clean the memorial and start on the lettering to the column they have advised that the complete works i.e. the lettering to the name plaques is unlikely to be done before Remembrance Sunday.

I thought you would appreciate been advised of this information in advance, but pleased be assured that the works to re-letter the names will be carried out as soon as they are able to programme the works.

Kind Regards

David Cansfield

Area Parks Manager (Bradford West)

Sport & Leisure Services

Tel: 01274 431564.

Lister Park Depot, North Park Road, Bradford, BD9 4NR

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Department of Environment & Sport


That’s great.

Thank you.

Kind regards Paul n Lynda

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