Looking for film contributors in Queensbury – Hazel Pearson, Queensbury History Society

Subject: Looking for film contributors in Queensbury

Hi Sheila. (Thornton),

It was great speaking with you just now about potential ex-Black Dyke Mill workers & the opportunity to attend the History Society meeting tomorrow.

A few more details about what I’m trying to achieve…

I’m writing from a TV production company (http://mindseyemedia.tv/) who have recently been asked to make a series of documentary style TV commercials for a major British food brand.

We’re looking to film with people that used to work in some of the UK’s best known mills/factories & I think that Queensbury would be a great place to start!

We’re keen to speak with people that may have worked in Black Dyke Mill before its closure. We’d be especially keen to hear from ex-workers that may have lost touch with colleagues/friends and are keen to reunite with them, perhaps someone that has moved away from the area or abroad.

We could help to make this reunion happen soon and would pay for all costs incurred!

We’d just ask that we could follow and film their reunion story.

I’ll arrive in Bradford tomorrow and be spending a few days in the area scouting locations and hoping to meet with various people.

I look forward to meeting with you and Hazel tomorrow & please do feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think might fit the description above.

Best wishes,

Anna Martin


M: +44 (0) 7927 186 160


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  1. my grandfather was one of the 7 members of the ambler family who in one generation clocked up 306 years of service working at john fosters mill , I am at present the caretaker of the silver salver that was presented to the family recording this historic achievement ,each persons name & the number of years service is recorded around the edge plus a message of thanks from the mill, I doubt many people in the village will even know about it & even less will have seen it .

    1. Michael,

      I was still at school in 1963 and at that time I don’t think I read the newspapers. Would you like to compile an article for this web site?

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