Walking Group visit to Malham – Saturday 25 October 2014

All images by Julie Russell.

Members of the Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group went to Malham on Saturday 25 October 2014. From Malham we walked up to Malham Cove and had a look at the water flowing from the base of the Cove, then an upward glance revealed the full height of the Cove a 80 metre (260 foot) high cliff face. We then climbed up the 400 irregular stone steps to the top of the Cove. there was no rush do this. Then through the dry valley and onto Malham Tarn, a glacial lake 377 metres (1,237 ft) above sea level, making it the highest lake in England.  It takes approximately 11 weeks for water to leave the lake after it has entered. The primary outflow is a small stream at the southern end of the lake. The outflow stream goes underground after approximately 500 metres (1,600 ft) before emerging downstream of Malham Cove as a source of the River Aire. Then we passed Seaty Hill  with a good-sized burial mound on top, and then walked through the old Roman Marching Camp, then to Gordale Scar, It contains two waterfalls and has overhanging limestone cliffs over 100 metres high. The gorge could have been formed by water from melting glaciers or a cavern collapse. Then onto Janet’s Foss and back to Malham.

About 9.7 miles, breakfast at a café in Steeton and toilets in Malham.






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