Queensbury Snow and Cllrs Lynda and Paul Cromie

Low Fold Gritbin
Low Fold Grit Bin 2
Hi Louise, Marie, Val,
It has been reported that the footpath by the grove old peoples sheltered housing on New Park Road has not been gritted and is dangerous for the elderly residents.
Can this be sorted ASAP please and can the grit/salt bin be re-filled.
PS, it is council owned bin and not one of the 33 grit/salt bins Lynda and I have distributed in the Queensbury Ward out of our own pocket.
Kind regards Paul n Lynda

Our staff are all current working  through the large list of requests that we received yesterday so this  will be added to the list to be treated as and when resources are available.

Grit bins are being constantly refilled (when we have staff available)


Hi Louise,
A Queensbury resident has asked me to contact you to request that the 2 council council owned grit/salt bins at Low Fold be re-filled ASAP.
I know your resources are strained to the limit re the inclement weather we are having so Lynda and I would be happy to collect salt ourselves from the Queensbury Dept and fill the bins for you if you authorise it?
We are always happy to do our bit for the Queensbury Community and have re-filled and then  re-filled again  the 33 bins we own in our ward.
Kind regards Paul n Lynda
Hello Councillor Cromie, I can confirm the bins will be added to the list to be done when we have staff free. Grit bin filling requests can be done via our contact centre or in the website. If residents want to log these it could make things a bit quicker for them.
Hi Rhys,
Lynda and I have delivered 140kg of grit salt to residents of Low Fold this afternoon paid for out of our councillors allowance. .
Photo is of me and Mr Kenny a Low Fold resident.
Kind regards Paul n Lynda
 Hi Louise,
I am sorry to contradict your stance re the contact  centre but and I stress but because the feedback I get from my constituents  re the 431000 number leaves a lot to be desired.
In fact they report that they get nowhere fast when they ring it.
I understand the logging in process and the percentage it creates to give council departments a clear view of residents problems and issues.
Kind regards Paul

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