Proposed One Way Traffic Chapel Street Queensbury, Cllr Lynda Cromie

Dear All,

I have put forward a scheme to be funded in 2015/16 for Chapel Street to make it one-way from High Street to Chapel Lane, allowing parking along one side adjacent to the shops with limited waiting. This will stop rat running to avoid the traffic lights at Albert Road/High Street, return the street back to the residents and businesses and provide additional on-street parking for the shops. It will also reduce the present conflicts at the junction of High Street/Chapel Street and reduce the width of road for pedestrians crossing and enable a decent crossing point with tactile paving. I have attached a pdf plan for your information,

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Subject: Highways

Dear all

as discussed at the Ward Partnership meeting Simon is ready with some ideas regarding Highways issues in Queensbury. Can you please let me have your availability (except Wednesdays) so that we can get a walkabout arranged.

Let me know if you think it worthwhile to include the Chair of QCHAP.

Kind Regards

Marie Copley


Hi Stuart,

This is a scheme we are looking at to improve Chapel St.

Paul and I will be meeting Simon Moscrop senior highways engineer shortly to discus this and other highway issues in n Queensbury.

Kind regards Lynda


Chapel Street A4P

6 Replies to “Proposed One Way Traffic Chapel Street Queensbury, Cllr Lynda Cromie”

  1. Just do something about the taxis drivers, pizza/fish and chip delivery staff and customers parking on the double yellow lines as though they’re not there and the problems dissappear. Don’t inconvenience the many because of the actions of an (ignorant) few.

  2. I think this is a terrible idea, the double yellow lines should be policed, this will only increase traffic queueing at the lights as more people will turn right – witth ni filter light- and will increase traffic on new park road which is already too busy. If you want to make it one way make it run the other way this then means people will be able to turn left at the lights

  3. Will the traffic lights have a filter system on to allow vehicles to turn right? if not you are moving the congestion from chapel lane/ coop junction to the traffic lights. At this point why not make high street parking at one side only, several times at peak times it is grid locked due to large vehicles being unable to pass each other.

  4. This is a crazy idea – the traffic lights at the crossroads are already a major congestion point – pushing more traffic through those lights without improving them will just make matters worse. The whole situation of traffic in Queensbury needs to be reviewed and addressed holistically rather than piece meal isolated one way proposals which just move minor problems and pile them onto on an already big one.
    The road isn’t wide enough for the vehicles currently using it at the best of times, with parked vehicles and just being too narrow.

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