Queensbury Walking Group Helping Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team Training

Members of the Queensbury Walking Groups attended at St Ives, Bingley on Saturday 11 March 2017. They were to act as casualties in the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team training. We were briefed prior to the start of the training session, there were 3 sites with an injury at each.

Members of the team were presented with a situation and had to deal with it. Primary and secondary surveys were carried out on the casualty. In one case the casualty was placed  in a cervical collar then placed on a scoop stretcher and then transferred to a  vacuum mattress.

Part way through the training the team were called out to a live incident in Hebden Bridge, I believe this involved a casualty who required carrying over one mile on a stretcher.

The work that the team does is fantastic and a real life saver.