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Apply for your copy of the new book. A History of Northowram Township from 1800. Subscriptions being taken NOW!

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To help the Northowram Historical Society to raise the shortfall to allow the book to be printed in time for the launch date of November 2014, we are offering both a discount and an opportunity to receive your personal copy of the book before general release.

If you would like to use this opportunity to support the project then you can purchase the book using an up-front payment of £20, giving a big saving of £5 off the retail price.

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Illustrated and full of historic images together with fascinating new historical facts, the book paints a vivid picture of life in the old township that stretched from the village of Northowram as far as Charlestown, Boothtown, Ambler Thorn and Queensbury. There are extensive chapters researched by members and experts of local history, exploring a host of topics that helped change the face of this important area of Halifax. DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIPTION FORM HERE Fill in the form and send by post if required.

Another Grit Bin Supplied in Queensbury by Cllrs Lynda and Paul Cromie

This is what I call outstanding community spirit by our local councillors Lynda and Paul Cromie, email sent requesting a grit bin at 08:35 and it was delivered before noon.


From: Norah McWilliam
Sent: 15 March 2014 08:35
To: Cllr Paul Cromie
Subject: Grit Box at Scarlet Heights

Dear Paul,

It would be wonderful to have a grit box sited on the brow of Scarlet Heights where we tend to get a stretch of icy pavement each winter. There is a corner in the wall at the top of Peel Street where a box would fit very snugly. Any colour will do us – but if you happen to have a scarlet one, well, that would be marvellous!

We would all appreciate your help in this matter.

Many thanks on behalf of Peel Street Neighbourhood Watch Group.

Norah McWilliam


Peel St Grit Bin (10)

From: Norah McWilliam
Sent: 15 March 2014 09:40
To: Cllr Paul Cromie; Cllr Lynda Cromie
Subject: Grit Bin at Scarlet Heights

Dear Paul and Lynda


Thank you so much for your speedy response to our request for a grit bin at Scarlet Heights. We just hope it doesn’t snow now – till next year at least!

Many thanks on behalf of Peel Street Neighbourhood Watch group.

Norah McWilliam


Sent: 15 March 2014 13:00
To: Stuart Walker
Cc: paulcromie
Subject: Grit Box at Scarlet Heights


I have delivered another grit bin this morning to Peel St,  Norah McWilliam requested it.

It was blowing a Hooley when I took Norah the bin and we were both nithered (freezing)

I will forward a photo and e-mails from my council computer.

I have 2 bins left if anyone wants one.

Kind regards Paul


Photos taken on 27 March 2014

Snow 27 March 2014

Snow 27 March 2014 2


Queensbury Planning Applications – Cllr Paul Cromie


From: []
Sent: 10 March 2014 11:03
To: Cllr Lynda Cromie
Subject: Saved search results and Tracked Applications have been updated

The following results have been updated recently:

Saved Search Results

Queensbury Decided Search

Submission of details to comply with condition 3 of planning approval 13/04344/FUL Dated 19/12/13: Change of use of the ground floor from residential (C3) to mixed use as a child minding business(D1) and residential dwelling (temporary permission) – 17 Western Place Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1DU

Ref. No: 13/04344/SUB01 | Received date: Mon 20 Jan 2014 | Status: Application Granted | Case Type: Planning Application

Queensbury Pending Decisions Search

Change of use of ground floor to A1 retail – 2 Brooks Terrace Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1EU

Ref. No: 14/00348/FUL | Received date: Mon 27 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Decision | Case Type: Planning Application

Conversion of barn to form a dwelling – Scarlet Heights Farm 3 Scarlet Heights Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1BD

Ref. No: 14/00385/FUL | Received date: Wed 29 Jan 2014 | Status: Pending Decision | Case Type: Planning Application

Queensbury Pending Consideration Search

Dwelling, store and retail building re-development – Queensland Farm Station Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1HR

Ref. No: 14/00443/FUL | Received date: Sat 01 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Single storey rear extension, front porch and outbuilding to rear – 500 Beacon Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD6 3NA

Ref. No: 14/00941/HOU | Received date: Tue 04 Mar 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Two storey side extension – 2 Magpie Close Bradford West Yorkshire BD6 3XP

Ref. No: 14/00961/HOU | Received date: Wed 05 Mar 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Construction of single storey rear extension to the following dimensions:- Depth of extension from original rear wall: 3.5M Maximum height of extension: 2.4M Height to eaves of extension: 2.8M – 126 Highgate Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1EL

Ref. No: 14/00970/PNH | Received date: Thu 06 Mar 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Road Safety – Hill End Lane and Long Lane, Queensbury – Updated 13/5/14

UPDATE 13/05/2014

Hi Paul,

Have found the results of the speed and volumes survey for Fleet Lane taken in November 2013, the results show that the 85 %ile speed to be 29.3 mph, with average speeds of 23.7 mph. only 6% of traffic exceeds the 30 mph speed limit, total bi-directional flows for 24 hours was 2030 vehicles.

Based upon the results there is not a speeding problem, with 94 % staying within the 30 mph speed limit, a copy of the results is attached.

A study of accident collisions shows that during the last 5 years none have been recorded.

I will add this site to the list of requests to be considered from the small pot allocated for local traffic issues and pass the information onto the Police for information.

Kind regards,



Subject: RE: Speed Bumps on Fleet Lane

Hi Paul,

I pressume it is the lower section of Fleet Lane below the mini-roundabout. I will organise a speed survey, volumes and look at the number of casualties.

Speed and volume surveys have now been completed on Hill end Lane. On an average day 2162 vehicles use Hill End Lane, the average speeds were found to be 28.4 mph and 85 percentile speed to be 34.1 mph with at least 30% of vehicles above the 30 mph speed limit.

I have passed this information onto the Police for appropriate enforcement, it will be passed to the Sergeant responible for the area and visited.

The request for traffic calming will be placed upon the list of sites considered by the Bradford South Area Committee annually for consideration of future funding, each year when resources become available.

The funding is now split with 70% specifically for schemes which reduce road casualties £124K and the remaining 30% for Local Issues which is approximately £55K per year.

Kind regards,



Subject: RE: Speed Bumps on Fleet Lane

Hi Everyone,

Last year we managed to get speed humps on Mandale Road but it cost £30k of which Lynda Michael and I allocated £5k out of our ward budget money along with the Royds Councillors to deliver the project?

All we can do is request them and see what the councils highways budget can afford.

Simon, may I respectfully request speed humps/calming for Fleet Lane and Hill End Lane Queensbury please?

Whilst on the subject, Deanstones Lane’s 20mph speed limits are being totally ignored?

Kind regards Paul


Subject: RE: Speed Bumps on Fleet Lane

This is just the same for Hill End Lane, a couple of days ago, I was leaving Hainsworth Moor Drive to turn right into Hill End Lane, which has a limited view, I was half way through the manoeuvre when a car came speeding down Hill End lane and only just missed hitting the rear of my car. The situation is not helped by the presence of the wooden poles at the side of the road, which effectively narrow the road and thus are causing an obstruction.




Subject: RE: Speed Bumps on Fleet Lane

Hi Mick,

We have never had a request for them, yours is the first.

I will see what I can do.

Simon et al, is this something we can look at ASAP please.

Mick, Simon Moscrop is a senior highways engineer.

Kind regards Paul


Subject: Speed Bumps on Fleet Lane

Hello Mr Cromie,

We live on fleet lane and are asking why we do not have speed bumps like the estate at the back of us? It is getting rididculous the speed people are travelling up and down our street, some one is going to be seriuosly injured sothank you in anticipation

M Taylor

UPDATE 11/04/2014

Well five weeks have passed and we are still no further on with this, we are lucky, to my knowledge there have not been any road accidents. I hope not.


19.40 04/03/2014

Dear Councillor,

The Section 106 Agreement attached to permission 12/02183/MAF contains the following obligations:

  1. Provision of 22 on site affordable housing units.
  2. Payment of £208,732.00 (plus RPI) education contribution to be      paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwellings.
  3. Payment of £134,590.00 (plus RPI) recreation contribution to be paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwellings.
  4. Payment of £39,300.00 (plus RPI) street lighting contribution      to be paid prior to occupation of two thirds of the dwelling. This has been paid.
  5. Completion of various highway works which are noted in the Agreement as:
    1. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Long Lane/Deanstones Lane.
    2. Incorporation of a mini roundabout and associated markings and signage at the Hill end Lane/Hazelhurst Road/Ashlar Grove junction.
    3. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Hill End Lane Ford/Hill including the resiting of an existing bus stop
    4. Provision of traffic management and mitigation measures at the junction of Hill end Lane/Ford Hill including the imposition of parking restrictions.

It is highly likely that the highway works will be completed by BMDC following payment from the Developers for the works. The works are likely to need a consultation exercise before any works can be completed. I understand Simon Moscrop will be the best Officer to give a better idea of when the works are likely to be completed.

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Queensbury Ward Partnership – Minutes


Room 401, 4th Floor, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 1HY

 Queensbury Ward Partnership

 On Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 7.00pm at

Holy Trinity Church, West End, Queensbury, BD13 2AD



Statements attributed to individuals in these notes are not to be read as the views or opinions of either Bradford MDC or the Forum, but solely as the views of the person making them

 Welcome and Introductions

Marie opened the meeting, introduced herself, briefly explained her role as Ward Officer and welcomed everyone present.

Marie then added that since the agenda was published a number of other items had been brought to her attention and would be discussed under A.O.B at the end of the agenda.

Those present were Marie Copley (Ward Officer); Councillor Paul Cromie; Councillor Lynda Cromie; Sgt Sheraz Khan; Sgt Adam Crisp; PSCO John Greenwood; Beryl Robinson; Norah McWilliam; David Mitchell; Tracy Raistrick; Rev Sue Shrine; Carol Bower; Barbara Dalby; Richard Houseago; Margaret Denison; Carolyn Jowett; Dave Dodwell; Eithne Dodwell; Joan Milner; Geoff Milner; Joan Shepherd; Alan Senior; Jonathon Whittaker; and Matt Bibby (Note Taker).


There were apologies from Councillor Michael Walls; Helga Broadbent; Mark Chenery; Angela Boow; Karol Whettlock; Janet Simmons – Powell; Roger Hyde; Sue Dickerson; Hazel Pearson; Sheila Thornton and Kathryn Halford.

Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were accepted as being correct with a couple of amendments. The proposal was from David Mitchell. Councillor Paul Cromie seconded.

The amendments were:

Page 3; change in hours from Carolyn Jowett about the fun day to 12.00pm until 3.00pm.

Page 4; change to Junction pub not the Pineberry Pub from Beryl Robinson.

Page 5 – The ‘old building’ to be replaced by the ‘new building’ regarding the Rugby League Club.

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