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John Robertshaw on said: Edit

Local Government Purdah (pre-election period) up to AGM 2014

For local elections, the activities of local authorities in the pre-election period are governed by the Code of recommended practice on local authority publicity, which is issued as part of the provisions of the Local Government Act 1986.:[1][5]
Elections, referendums and petitions 41. The period between the notice of an election and the election itself should preclude proactive publicity in all its forms of candidates and other politicians involved directly in the election

What’s going on ? here


admin on said: Edit

John, it looks as though all those election leaflets that have been issued are not in accordance with the code, unless I am reading the above wrong. I know absolutely nothing about election procedure as I have no interest in it at all. I do not know when the notice of an election was given. If there is anything I am inadvertently doing which I should not be, as a private individual on my own web site, which I fund myself, I would like to know.

______________________________________________________________________________________________John Robertshaw on said: Edit

I understand this is in regards to the promotion of a sitting councillor up for election and purdah code of practice in relation to Council announcements or business in regards to an elected office (a far more astute legal mind will know chapter and verse) but it is a very thin line, and a number of stories posted during the call of this election do concern me. Election leaflets are for a candidate to address the electorate directly and are subject to election law.

Whilst there is no responsibility of the provider i.e. private person to allow balance (like the Mirror, or sun etc.) during an election, it would have been best practice to have shown Queensbury people they do have choices rather than an unintended unbalanced view which directly or indirectly has an impact by what many may seem ordinary Councillor business to the voter but it is unfair to the other candidates.

A missed opportunity is my view , it could have been an opportunity to have written history for Queensbury, I am a sucker for the old days of public meetings in dusty schools debating.
And I never promoted myself once.


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In my quest to be impartial to all, I can only publish what I receive. Any imbalance comes from the reluctance of people to send information for me to publish. This has happened for some time, this matter has been raised before and I have answered in the same vein.

My journalistic talents are somewhat limited, I do not go looking for input and rely upon local residents to supply what I publish, I do this in the public interest.

Our community deserve to be informed of all that is happening now and kept up to date with future planned developments, council policy etc.

As you can see I am impartial and have nothing to hide as I have published your comments, which are now in the public domain for all to read.

Below added after the last comment published.

At least I do not publish abusive, offensive and inappropriate material as I wish this site to be suitable to all members of our community regardless of age, sex, disability and any other reason.



Horton Housing – About Our Services – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

Subject: About Our Services


Horton Housing – About Our Services     

We are pleased to send you details of our Annual Review.  The Review focuses on “Our Investment in People and Communities” throughout 2013 .  We have had some exciting new developments in property services as well as in services for older people and people in supported living.  Our clients’ stories are both moving and compelling in their demonstration of the value of the support they receive.

As you will see from our Annual Review, Horton Housing offers a wide range of day services, housing with care and support, floating support and education and training opportunities for vulnerable people. We work in four local authority areas – Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and North Yorkshire.

A guide to all our services can be found on our website

The website gives a brief overview of each service, who it is for and how to refer.  For more details about eligibility criteria and application processes please refer to the Service Descriptions and Selection & Allocation Policies on the website.

Our Mission Statement & Values, Equality & Diversity Policy Statement, Complaints Procedure and Appeals Procedure are on the Home Page.

Some information is available in other languages or formats should you require it.

Our staff at Head Office or the relevant service will be happy to help with any enquiries.

Thank you

Helen Searle

Head of Administration Services

Chartford House

54 Little Horton Lane

Bradford, BD5 0BS

Tel:   01274 370689

Fax:  01274 395616

Mobile: 07525 667 954

Police and Crime Plan 2014 – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

Subject: Police and Crime Plan Refreshed 2014 [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Dear Colleague

Yesterday, I have published the refreshed Police and Crime Plan 2014 that sets out a renewed strategic direction for policing and community safety across West Yorkshire.

This Plan reflects the issues and concerns that have been raised by local people and local partners, including yourselves, over the last 12 months but also the new and emerging challenges that we and partners face here in West Yorkshire.

You can read the refreshed Police and Crime Plan at:

I would like to thank you for your important contribution to this refreshed Plan whether it be through talking to me about what matters most to you when I have been out and about in your community or by taking the time to complete my Listening to You First or my Public Perception surveys over the last 12 months.

I value your continuing input and that of your colleagues, friends and family. Please feel free to circulate the link to the refreshed Plan and I welcome any feedback you and others may have, in particular ideas you may have on how the outcomes and priorities set out in the Plan could be better delivered in your community.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any queries or require any further information, or have any ideas around who could help deliver the priorities within the Police and Crime Plan and how, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at:


Twitter: @WestYorksOPCC and use #wypcp


Please feel free to forward the email or links to anyone you know who would also be interested.

Kind regards

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE

Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire

*Apologies if you receive more than one email. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list please let us know *

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire

Tel: 01924 294000

Fax: 01924 294008

Follow us on Twitter – @WestYorksOPCC

Like us on Facebook – ‘Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire’


Comments on Queensbury Councillors

The below comments are extracts from emails I have received, permission has been obtained to publish them.


Hi Paul,

Myself and my partner moved up to Queensbury from Derby and Stoke-on-Trent on to the New Harron Homes development site (Hazel Hurst Quarry).

I’m not normally a political person but from reading the newsletter I was surprised by how much you and your wife are involved in the community which is fantastic and a credit to you both.

Despite the local’s opposing the new development we have settled in well here and would like to get in touch with a local scouting group, could you provide me with a contact please?

Also, as the new development is new, Bradford Council will not provide grit bins. Is this something that can be looked into?

Many Thanks and keep up the great work.



Thank you for you kind words, Lynda and I are dedicated to serving the Queensbury Community.

We are glad you like living in Queensbury it is a nice place to live, I’m bound to say that as I was born here 61 years ago but seriously it is a fantastic place to live.

I have copied contacts for the Scout leaders in for you, Roger Hyde and Nick Tindal also leader of the scout band Oliver Richardson.

Kind regards Paul


Tour de France and Walking on Sunday 6 July 2014

You may be aware that the Tour de France is in our part of the world on Sunday 6 July 2014. It is passing through Haworth and Oxenhope, with timings shown below:

  Kilometres Schedules (Local time)
  from the finish from the start 41 km/h 39 km/h 37 km/h
Haworth 125.5 75.5 13h10 13h16 13h22
Oxenhope 119.5 81.5 13h19 13h25 13h32

I am proposing a walk from the Ogden area, to Oxenhope, possibly Penistone Hill Country Park to watch the cyclists climb the hill from Lower Laithe Reservoir near Stanbury. It will take just over 2 hours to walk there so a 9.30 am set off from Queensbury will be appropriate, this will give time to find a suitable watching position and have a picnic lunch before the cyclists pass.

The walk will be about 10.5 miles and involve 500 metres of climb.

Let me know if you are interested and I will do some more planning if enough are interested. I will need to know the road closures for the area, I may then be able to shorten the walk.

Bradford PC Repair based in Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury

Hi there my name is Robert, I am the new owner of Bradford PC Repair based in Black Dyke Mills old office block. I would very much liked to be named on your website to let local residents know we are here and also to let them know that if the live in the BD13 postcode we are offering 10% discount on all our services as a way of offering something back to the local community. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01274 817953 thank you.


Council Contact Problems – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

Hi Everyone,

I have been contacted by an elderly resident.

They have not received their garden waste recycling wheele bin yet, they rang the 431000 number to enquire about the bin and was greeted with verbal abuse from an operative who was totally disinterested in request for INFO.

May I respectfully request that they be given a courtesy telephone call with an unconditional apology and the INFO they were requesting.

This is not the first complaint I have received when my constituents have tried to get sense out of the person who answers the 431000 phone, it may be prudent to send the operatives on a PR course.

Please respond ASAP to this e-mail.

Kind regards Paul