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Submission of details to comply with conditions 3 and 4 of permission 11/03300/HOU Construction of detached garage within curtilage of a Listed Building and alterations to Listed Building to form entrance at rear – 49 Shibden Head Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2NH

Ref. No: 11/03300/SUB01 | Received date: Thu 03 Apr 2014 | Status: Application Granted | Case Type: Planning Application

Submission of details to comply with conditions 3 and 4 of permission 11/03301/LBC Construction of detached garage within curtilage of a Listed Building and alterations to Listed Building to form entrance at rear – 49 Shibden Head Lane Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2NH

Ref. No: 11/03301/SUB01 | Received date: Thu 03 Apr 2014 | Status: Application Granted | Case Type: Planning Application

Change of use from shop to shop and independent flat in cellar at 33 Chapel St and new pitched roof to rear of 3 Nelson St – 3 – 5 Nelson Street And 33 Chapel Street Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2PU

Ref. No: 14/01810/FUL | Received date: Tue 29 Apr 2014 | Status: Refused | Case Type: Planning Application

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Dwelling, store and retail building re-development – Queensland Farm Station Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1HR

Ref. No: 14/00443/FUL | Received date: Sat 01 Feb 2014 | Status: Pending Decision | Case Type: Planning Application

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Construction of single story side and rear extension enlarging existing kitchen and creating integrated garage space – 19 Weston Avenue Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2JA

Ref. No: 14/02379/HOU | Received date: Fri 06 Jun 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Queensbury Ward Partnership – Tuesday 10th June 2014 at 7.00pm


Room 401, 4th Floor City Hall, Bradford, BD1 1HY

Queensbury Ward Partnership

Held on Tuesday 10th June 2014 at 7.00pm

At Holy Trinity Church, West End, Queensbury

Statements attributed to individuals in these notes are not to be read as the views or opinions of either Bradford MDC or the Forum, but solely as the views of the person making them


  1. Welcome and Introductions

Marie Copley opened the meeting, introduced herself, briefly explained her role as Ward Officer and welcomed everyone present. Round the room introductions were made.

  1. Attendance

Councillor Paul Cromie and Councillor Lynda Cromie, Joan Milner, Joan Shepherd, Barbara Dalby, Geoff Milner, Alan Senior and Andrew Senior, Carol Bower, Sue Dickerson, Beryl Robinson, Barbara Roberts, Helga Broadbent, Richard Houseago, Karen Tordoff, Margaret Denison, Karol Whettlock, Betty Denton, Mark Neil, Julie Kneelby, Nora McWilliam, Roger Hyde, Jo Mitchell, Marie Copley (Bradford South Ward Officer) and Dianne Duckworth (Note Taker).

  1. Apologies

Councillor Michael Walls, Tracy Raistrick, Anne Goodwin, David Mitchell, Janet Simmons-Powell.

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Website – Stuart Walker has added a calendar of events onto the website.

Planting of Oak Tree – The Brownies planted the oak tree on 31st March inside Russell Hall Bowling Club enclosure. The plaque to go with the tree was unveiled on 12th May. Marie thanked Cllr Cromies for the refreshments.  Marie had a stall to promote Green Dog Walkers scheme which Joan staffed, talking to local residets. Joan is arranging for a slot of BCB radio and a future event is being organised at Foxhill Park.

Oxford Road (traffic issues) – Darren Badrock from Highways was looking into it but has since moved on. A Peak time survey is to be carried out which will be reviewed once completed. It was asked who is now in charge of Highways Section?

Action:  Marie to check who is in charge of Highways.

Action: Play Team to send Marie schedule of summer activities.

The minutes from the last meeting on Tuesday 8th April 2014 were agreed a true record by Joan Milner and Richard Houseago seconded it.

  1. Matters Arising

Facebook – Jo provided an update and said it basically runs itself. The facebook page is called Queensbury Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary of Queensbury). A vote took place to change the name but unfortunately because there are over 250 members Facebook will not allow the name change (there are over 600 members).

It was suggested starting another facebook page in another name and transfer members over or Jo said she could change the blurb about what it’s all about. Jo explained how to add an event to Face book page just click on tab at top of page or if not sure message Jo.

  1. Community Group Updates

Roger gave an update. Donkey Derby is on Sunday 20th July, £1 per adult, free for children. If anyone would like a stall it’s free for charities. Bradford Council is having a stall to promote Green Dog Walkers scheme and Dementia Friendly Communities.

Queensbury Fix the Fields at Albert Road field – a memorial day on 12th July to raise money for Martin Potts who died from Motor Neurones Disease. Juniors will be playing games; a veteran’s game, Queensbury V Clayton and the open age are playing a team from the army as well as more activities.

There will also be a Race Night on Saturday 28th June at Queensbury Con Club.

Andrew reported that 3 Peaks challenge took place on 25th May and raised a lot of money.

Andrew is collecting unwanted Clothes, Bedding, Shoes, Handbags and Soft Toys. These items will go to deserving families around the world and the Club will receive 60p for every bag that’s filled. Using Con Club as collection point. Clothes are collected on 1st July. Andrew is happy to pick up clothes.

The Queensbury Performing Arts Group – Sue informed that auditions were supposed to take place on Sunday 22nd June but have been postponed until second week in September.  Fundraising is ongoing to raise funds for putting on the performance. Still looking for volunteers to play the Ugly sisters.

Table Top Sale at Queensbury Con Club on 9th August from 10am to 4pm, £5 per table and pie and peas will be served. Joan, Beryl and Helga are hoping to do this once a month to raise funds for Queensbury charities.

Friends of Queensbury Parish Church are holding a Barn Dance on 19th July at Queensbury Con Club with Tour de France theme. Tickets are on sale from Joan Shepherd.

Scarecrow Trail on 12th and 13th July – forms are available from Jo Mitchell. Waiting for banners to go up to promote it and Jo encouraged everyone to spread the word as slow at the moment on uptake. Concerns were raised that some were pinched last year, agreed it is best if possible to take them in overnight. It was suggested having a Scarecrow Race at the Donkey Derby.

Queensbury History Exhibition at Victoria Hall on 20th, 21st, 22nd June and will include a section on 1st World War.

Refreshments will be available.

Queensbury Life Church Gala on Saturday 21st June at Queensbury School from 12 noon to 3pm.

  1. Queensbury Community Heritage and Action Partnership (QCHAP)

Norah provided an update. She spoke about the QCHAP and how it’s nearly up and running. The first meeting was very successful with some 90 people attending. The first business meeting is on Thursday June 12th at 8pm and all are welcome. The aim is to formalise the constitution and elect the Management Group.

A Community Chest application has gone into the Council to help with set up costs to

be decided by Area Committee 26th June.

Marie informed the group that 17 applications have been submitted for this round

of funding.

Robert Goodwill MP – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport is coming to Queensbury for a visit on Monday 23rd June to look at Queensbury Tunnel, Victoria Hall and Black Dyke Mill where it is planned to establish the Heritage Centre. Cllr Val Slater is  joining the tour as is Chief Executive of ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ Gary Verity. Norah has spoken to Highways Agency and they are also attending.

The Minister is arriving by train at 10.30am and will be picked up by mini-bus and travel via Brow Lane, Clayton to get fantastic view of Queensbury, drive up Station Road to the mill Land owner David Sunderland will be on hand with his 4×4 to drive across site.

Sustrans are keen to keep it as a cycle route and have support of land owners each end of tunnel

Issues in the village were discussed – speeding, driving whilst on mobile phones and drinking coffee at the wheel, school runs, noise and speed from traffic starting from 6am. A speed survey was carried out a year ago but didn’t find speeding an issue. The road narrows by the co-op which slows traffic down. Marie added that Highways can change lineage on the road to make the road appear to narrow – this has been done on Mandale Road.

Cllr P Cromie has received numerous complaints with regards to reduction in the speed limit on Highgate Road from 40mph to 30mph. It was pointed out that a village called Honley which is similar to Queensbury have reduced their speed limit to 20mph and the village there is thriving and doing well.

Mark informed that a copy of the book ‘History of the Tunnel’ will be given to the Minister to read on his way back.

Norah stated that anyone is welcome to attend the tour.

‘Queensbury Lines Community’ on Facebook focuses on Queensbury and the triangle which is highly regarded by all over the world; idea of it is to unearth new photos. It’s generated 1,300 hits. GNR produced a coin as an invite to the opening of the tunnel; Mark wants to unearth another one.

Helga mentioned the road works past Victoria Hall and asked what has happened to the grade 2 listed mile stone? – it has been taken back to depot and will be put back once work is completed.

  1. Youth Service Update

Youth Service is currently undergoing a restructure and all staff are being interviewed for their jobs.

  1. Budget Update

In terms of Neighbourhood Service they are reducing from 4 Ward Officers to 3. Some funding has been secured to keep Officers until 1st April 2015. As officers leave they are not being replaced.

  1. Any Other Business

Helga raised concern regarding the lovely wall on Brighouse and Denholme Road opposite the golf course outside church of Nazarene that is falling down.

Action: Cllr P Cromie to chase it up and wardens to take photos.

Dog Fouling issues – some progress has been made and Errol (mobile warden) issued a ticket in the cemetery.

Geoff raised that doggy bags are dumped by the wall where people are cremated, school children from Queensbury School pick doggy bags out of the bins and throw it at each other, they also buy food from the chip shop and throw the rubbish over the wall into the grave yard when walking on the footpath from Sower Heads to Dean Stones Lane.

Action: Marie to contact Queensbury School.

How often are the bins emptied? The ones on Dean Stones Lane are constantly full and when windy blows all over.

Marie replied that Clean Team are in different areas of Queensbury every day but since cuts there is only one team covering both Queensbury and Great Horton wards.

Dog fouling issues on Oxford Road – Mrs Chambers has spoken to the Warden; the main culprit is a person living on Roper Lane with 3 dogs. The Warden said we have to witness it happening to be able to report it. Marie replied that Wardens do not have to witness personally but residents need to be prepared to give a statement and attend court if necessary. Cllr Walls has done this and person in question has been issued with a ticket. Wardens have done early morning and evening patrols but didn’t catch anyone.

Action:  Marie to chase up the report to Warden.

Cllr L Cromie reported that people were feeding pigeons on New Park Road so Incommunities sent a letter to all residents raising awareness; this is same principal and could be done on Oxford Road/Roper Lane re dog fouling.

Jo reported that people let their dogs run loose on Foxhill Park even when children are there and when its sports day / PE on the field.

Andrew reported that they are trying to get permission to put a palisade fence and gate around Albert Road field but Open Spaces act 1906 is against it. There used to be a little wall there. Geoff spoke about the mounds and trying to get permission off the Council to do more work on the field which is knee deep in glass from the mounds. Discussion are ongoing with the Council and the Rugby Club.

Action: Marie to ring Planning Department to contact Andrew.

The meeting discussed the club house. This is an ongoing issue with the Council and Mick Priestley is dealing with it re funding.

Action: Marie to get an update from Mick.

What is happening with regards to the swimming pool? – no updates currently

DFC Action Group – is moving forward and at the last meeting came up with a draft Action Plan. If any groups or individuals would like to contribute anything to the Plan please contact Marie. Training is available.

Singing for the Brain – starts in September.

Planting of poppies – Betty has spoken to Dave Elcock re planting at cemetery, War Memorial and each Queensbury sign but they don’t seem to be flourishing.

Illuminating of War Memorial – Cllr L Cromie has written to some larger businesses (Tesco, Patchetts, Leo group) asking for support/donation but hasn’t had any replies. Cost is £5,000 to go through Council. The meeting discussed if the contract could be done by another company or if the Council has an approved list.

 Action: Marie to ask if someone else can install the illuminations and source lights elsewhere. Cllr L Cromie to write again to companies.

Jo asked when the double yellow lines are being extended on Dean Stones Lane as it gets very congested outside the dentist.

Action:  Marie to ask Simon.

The garage at the back of the Lights pub (used to be Stags Head) is an eyesore.

Marie to request that the Warden attend and take action if appropriate.

The Council are currently in discussions with owner to make the building secure.

  1. Date of Next meeting

The next Queensbury Ward Partnership meeting will be Tuesday 8th July at 7.00pm at the Holy Trinity Church.

Possible agenda items for the next meeting. Someone suggested setting up a ‘Friends of group’ – Marie to get some information to bring along. Another suggestion was setting up a Horticulture Club – Marie to get some information from Parks and Landscape Department.

Any other ideas and agenda items for the QWP meeting can be emailed to Marie beforehand.

There were no further issues raised therefore Marie closed the meeting at 8.25pm and thanked everyone for attending.



Tour de France – QCP Walking Group – Sunday 6 July 2014

Members of the Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group are attending the Tour de France on Sunday 6 June 2014. We will travel in our cars to the Sue Ryder park and ride in Cullingworth, then catch a mini bus to Haworth. Then a 1.5 mile walk to our viewing spot, the caravan should pass at 11.15 am followed by the race participants at 1.05 pm. We are taking a picnic. We will then catch the mini bus back to Cullingworth or walk back, very little road walking even though it is 4.5 miles.


Queensbury Dementia Friendly Action Group

Dear all

please find attached a copy of the draft Queensbury Dementia Friendly Action Group Action Plan which you may find interesting, also, please let me know if you feel either as an individual or a group you could contribute in any way to helping deliver on the Actions.

Kind Regards

Marie Copley

Ward Officer – Queensbury Ward
Bradford South Area Co-ordinator’s Office
Neighbourhood and Customer Services
Tel: 01274 431155. Mob: 07582100304
Room 401 Floor 4, City Hall, Bradford. BD1 1HY