Swimming Pool, Queensbury – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

Dear Andrew et al,

I have had a request from a resident who lives opposite the proposed development for a freedom of information request re the land know as Asa Briggs playing fields Clayton Heights.

The resident is concerned that as far as she knew the land was a gift from Asa Briggs to the residents of Clayton Heights.

Can this be verified please?

Kind regards Paul

Brighouse Road, Queensbury – Submitted by Cllr Paul Cromie

Brighouse Road, Queensbury

Brighouse Road

As part of the new development at the Black Dyke Mills site Bradford Council has received some funding to implement no waiting at any time restrictions at the new junction and permit parking on Brighouse Road. The permit parking will be for houses 2 to 16 on Brighouse Road and all details can be seen on attached plan R/PTH/TH/102611/CO-1A.

Traffic signals will be introduced at the junction of the new development, Brighouse Road and Tesco’s entrance. As part of the agreement the developer is to improve visibility to the queuing traffic signals by formalising the on street parking with a permit parking bay.

I have consulted with the residents at 2 to 16 Brighouse Road regarding whether permit parking is needed or wanted. I have received 3 responses for the permit parking to be introduced out of the 8 houses.

Please could I have feedback on whether a residents permit parking bay is needed and if there are any current issues at this location.

If the permit parking scheme does not go ahead we will introduce a parking bay, which do not require permits, as a second option to help the visibility for the new junction. I am on leave now until 8th September 2014 and will look back into this matter on my return.

Yours Sincerely,

Sukhpal Shergill

Traffic Engineer

Bradford East and South Traffic & Highways

Tel: 01274 437646  Mob:

1st Floor North Jacob’s Well Bradford  BD1 5RW

Planning Applications- Received from Cllr Lynda Cromie


Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site for residential use. – West Scholes Mill Lane Side Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 1NQ

Ref. No: 14/03297/REM | Received date: Mon 04 Aug 2014 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Use of dining room for healing purposes – Myrtle Cottage 64 Ambler Thorn Halifax Road Queensbury Bradford West Yorkshire BD13 2DJ

Ref. No: 85/06903/MIN | Received date: Mon 28 Oct 1985 | Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Queensbury Ward Budget Funding

Dear all

As agreed at the last meeting please find attached a pro forma to complete if your organisation wishes to apply for Ward Budget funding for the financial year 2014 – 15. There is a total of £10,000 this financial year to be allocated by the 3 Ward Councillors.

Please complete the attached pro forma and return to me by Tuesday September 2nd 2014, the applications will be discussed at the Ward Partnership meeting on Tuesday 9th September, following this I will meet with the Ward Councillors to agree which applications they want to support and at that point you will be asked to complete a Project Specification requesting more details.

The funding can be used for capital or revenue expenditure but please do not incur any expense until the final decision has been made as retrospective payments can not be made.

I am attaching a copy of the Queensbury Ward Plan for your reference. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. (please note I will be on leave from Monday 18th August returning on Monday September 1st

Queensbury Ward Plan 2014-15

Ward Budgets Pro Forma

Stuart, could you please put this information on the website. Thanks.

Kind Regards

Marie Copley
Ward Officer – Queensbury Ward
Bradford South Area Co-ordinator’s Office
Neighbourhood and Customer Services
Tel: 01274 431155. Mob: 07582100304
Room 401 Floor 4, City Hall, Bradford. BD1 1HY
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Department of Environment & Sport