Leonard Shute – Funeral Details

Paul and Linda

Just to let you know my dad Leonard passed away late last night.  Thank you for all the lifts you have given over the last year, I know he much appreciated being able to go to his luncheons.

If you could let the people he had lunch with know I would be very grateful as I do not have contact numbers for them.

Janet Pickersgill

Hi Janet,

This is indeed sad news Lynda and our thoughts are with you and your families.

Please let us know when the celebration of Leonards life will take place Lynda and I would like to pay our respects.

Kind regards and blessings Paul n Lynda Cromie

Hi Paul and Linda

The funeral is on Monday 11 January at 2.40 pm at Scholemoor cemetery. Family flowers only but there will be a box for donations to prostate cancer. We will be putting an announcement in the T & A next week but if you can let the luncheon club people know I’d be grateful.


Santa’s Grotto Update

Hi Stuart,

It was my pleasure to present Beryl and Norah and their volunteers with a cheque for £250 to send of to Santa to help him pay for the presents for the children he was to meet at CHAP’s annual Christmas Market.

Paul and were delighted to have  been able to help Santa in these times of austerity when every penny counts.

We were lucky to have had the time to visit the market and see the happy smiling faces of the children as they waited to see Santa.

Well done to Beryl, Norah, Brian and everyone else who made the event so successful.

Kind regards and blessings  Lynda and Paul Cromie

Community Boiler now at The Heritage Venue


Hi Stuart,

The Queensbury Community Boiler Paul and I donated has found a permanent resting place at the Black Dyke Heritage Center (QCAP)

Please note it is still available for all Queensbury Community events.

Anyone who needs it can contact me on 01274 884899 or 07745 683112 or Norah on 07882657072

Norah was delighted to receive the boiler as the Heritage venue has gone from strength to strength hosting Community events.

QCP Walking Group at Conistone Dib Near Grassington – Monday 28th December 2015

Members of the Queensbury Community Programme Walking Group, left Queensbury at 9.00 am on Monday 28th December 2015. They used a mini bus to transport the 10 members to Grassington. We then walked to the village of Conistone which is only half a mile from the well known Kilnsey Cragg. At Conistone we stopped for a lunch break. We then set off to negotiate or way up Conistone Dib. Then back to Grassington for a well deserved drink.

Queensbury Ward Partnership – Minutes of Meeting Tuesday 8th December 2015


3rd Floor, Jacob’s Well, Bradford, BD1 5RW

 Queensbury Ward Partnership

On Tuesday 8 December 2015 at 7.00pm at

Holy Trinity Church, West End, Queensbury, BD13 2AD


Statements attributed to individuals in these notes are not to be read as the views or opinions of either Bradford MDC or the Forum, but solely as the views of the person making them

  1. Welcome and Introductions

Taj opened the meeting, introduced himself, briefly explained his role as Ward Officer and welcomed everyone present.

People present included Mohammed Taj (Ward Officer); Councillor Paul Cromie; Councillor Lisa Carmody; Joan Milner; Geoff Milner; Andrew Senior; Alan Senior; Carol Bower; Sue Shrine; David Mitchell; Norah McWilliam; Joan Shepherd; Lynda Cromie; Carolyn Jowett; Pat Sayers; Michelle Eggett, Queensbury resident and Public Governor, BDCFT; and Sharon Dunwoodie (Note Taker).

  1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillor Michael Walls; Sue Dickerson; Richard Houseago; Beryl Robinson; J Bird; Kelsey Trevethick; Jane Holdsworth; Kathryn Halford; David Lightfoot; Dave Dodwell; Mark Chenery; Sheila Thornton; Hazel Pearson; Sue Dewdney; Karol Whettlock; Stuart Walker; Vicky Robinson; Matt Bibby; Barbara Dalby; Roger Hyde; Mike Tomkinson; Emma Jones; Neil Myers and representatives of Queensbury Cricket Club; Representatives from West Yorkshire Police.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – October 2015

The minutes of the last meeting required no amendment. The minutes were then accepted as correct by Cllr Cromie and seconded by David Mitchell.

  1. Matters Arising

The matters arising from the minutes were –

Point 6 – Youth information and consultation event – This was held on 14 November ad attended by the Lord Mayor. Three proposals were put forward for a skate park in the village but no location has been selected yet – Emma Jones to carry out further consultation with schools about this. Also there were two proposals for new changing rooms at Foxhill recreation ground, one traditionally constructed and one modular – Mick Priestley from Parks and Recreation will carry out further consultation with the clubs that use this ground. The plan is to demolish the existing changing rooms and rebuild them.

Point 7 – Smelly Wagons petition – Cllr Cromie updated the group. He said that the petition was presented at Full Council meeting earlier today where there was a debate on this issue. It was agreed that the petition be referred to the Environment and Waste Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee for further discussion.

  1. Update from Community Groups & Community Events 2016

The 1940’s Group advised that they have bought paint from REPAINT and intend to spruce up the Conservative Club in or around April 2016, including reglazing, reupholstery and cleaning the carpets. Also two “Ceilidh nights” are planned for February and April 2016.

The Friends of Queensbury Cemetery said that the Military Walks had been well attended despite the bad weather and it was hoped to do more in 2016. Pat will ensure that as much notice is given as possible to attract participants.

The Queensbury Life Church is presenting a production of “The Night Before Christmas” at 6.15 pm – 8.00 pm, on 9 December 2015, tickets available at £4.00 each. The following Wednesday 16 December 2016 there are Carols in the Mill from 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm. There will be a stall for having photos taken with the Nativity Crib free of charge.

Cycle Queensbury had to cancel their “Winter Warmer” event following the death of Mr Summers. On 27 December 2015 there will be a Bradford Christmas Cycle Ride starting at Centenary Square and going round all the bike shops. They are also setting up kiddies’ “learn to ride” sessions at Shibden Head Primary Academy in the Easter holidays, for age 3 years and above, free of charge. This is not a road safety session, it is to help children to be confident on their bikes.

QCHAP congratulated Joan on the success of the craft fair on 31 October 2015. They have installed three more heaters in the mill. On Saturday 12 December 2015 there is the “enchanted forest” in the mill for children, which looks lovely. Also there will be a monthly Makers Market on a Saturday from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm which it is hoped will establish itself as part of Queensbury life. On Saturday 19 December 2015 between 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm there is a pre Christmas celebration, the band will play and there will be stalls with bric-a-brac etc – all welcome. Thanks were offered to Bradford South for funding the event.

Queensbury Civic Society is holding a Christmas party on 14 December 2015 at the Baptist Church with a buffet and entertainment, admission charge is £5.00.

A member of the Queensbury Sports and Social Club (QSSC) then asked why the changing room project at Foxhill recreation ground was being considered when there was a half finished club house with parking for 40 vehicles and all those facilities at their club.

The member then circulated drawing (dated 16/05/08) of the proposed new club house and changing rooms at QSSC and gave an update on the project. A debate ensued and it transpired that this project was a funded by Sport England and Bradford Council, however due to a longstanding ongoing dispute this has been held in abeyance since 2012.

QSSC asked Taj if the Council would take the project over. Taj explained that Bradford Council leased the recreation land to QSSC to build and then operate a sports and social club. QSSC is contracted to and have received funding from both Sport England and the Council. The current lease/licence are the contract are still live and there remains the possibility that any failure by QSSC to achieve the previously agreed conditions could lead to funding being clawed back from them. This was reiterated by Cllr Cromie. Cllr Carmody said that she had recently looked in to this issue in depth in an attempt to mediate to end the stalemate and had drawn up a list of actions to try to progress the matter.

QSSC asked if Section 106 money could be freed up to use for this project. Taj clarified the position relating to this money – it has to be used for public ownership projects for community benefit. QSSC argued that the club house was a benefit to the community but it was agreed that it would not qualify for funding under the Section 106 legislation.

QSSC said £140K of their own funding was invested in the club house and they had no more funds even to pay the insurance premiums for the empty building and again asked Taj if the Council would take the project over. Taj reiterated that the Council had been trying to progress this but if QSSC could not fulfil their part of the contract, the Directors needed to Sport England and the Council. Cllr Carmody said that there were too many legalities involved to discuss at this meeting and that she would try her best to help resolve the matter. Cllr Cromie said he had received an e-mail from the current Director of QSSC which made it clear what was going on in this case and that he would circulate this email.

Taj drew the debate to a close and summarised that nothing further on the project can progressed until the retention is released by Sport England and Bradford Council and as far as he was aware, QSSC had not yet applied for their release. To set the ball rolling, they needed to take this step. Cllr Carmody reminded QSSC of her action plan which, if followed, she felt would move things forward in an acceptable manner for all. QSSC said they had applied to the RFL for financial help also.

Other group members commented and said that it was a squabble that needed to be resolved for everyone’s benefit. Another member pointed out that the focus was always on football and rugby. This did not appeal to some boys and also whilst open to girls, generally they were poorly catered for.

Sue (Vicar) said that her last service as Vicar was on 24 January 2016 after six years. She said she was very pleased to have been involved in the group and wished all the organisations well for the future. Taj offered thanks to Sue from all members of the group and all agreed she would be sorely missed.

  1. Council update

Cllr Cromie advised that Queensbury Church Partnership (QCP) were continuing to hold coffee mornings on a Tuesday from 10.00 am – lunchtime. These have been very popular.

St Theresa’s Church is also holding a coffee morning every Wednesday for QCP.

There is also “Tea and Toast” at the Holy Trinity Church on the last Thursday of the month from 10.00 am – 11.30 am, which is free of charge.

Taj said he was developing a Ward Calendar focusing on events and activities targeted at the elderly, to distinguish them from general events. Anyone having any events for this or the Queensbury Village Calendar should contact Kathryn Halford or him.

Cllr Carmody advised that there will be a four course Community Christmas Dinner on 26 December 2015 at Jungle Junction for those who are alone, vulnerable or in poverty. There are enough volunteers to run the event. It is intended to cater for 40 adults and 25 children but there may be more. It is free but all donations gratefully received.

Cllr Carmody is also going out with the group distributing warm coats to vulnerable people. Donations are still welcome, particularly men’s coats and sleeping bags or anything else to keep people warm. Please drop off any items at Jungle Junction, and a free play session for January 2016 will be given in return.

Cllr Carmody informed the meeting about Community Chest Funding from Bradford South. The next deadline to submit applications is at the end of February 2016.

  1. Police update

Unfortunately no representative from the Police was in attendance and no update had been sent to Taj.

  1. Any Other Business

Cycle Queensbury advised that from 21 January 2016 they will hold monthly meetings on 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.00 pm at the Halfway House. All are welcome.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday 9th February 2016 at 7.00pm.

There were no further issues raised, therefore Taj thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30pm




Lynda and Paul Cromie – Gritting Salt Has Arrived

Lynda 201516 200 bags of grit salt
Paul and I have taken delivery of our annual salt delivery of 200 bags.

We will be re-filling the grit bins we supplied to Queensbury residents just after Christmas.

After Christmas Paul and I we will be giving a special new year present to the  Queensbury community.

Paul and I wish you and your viewers a Happy Christmas and prosperous new year.

Kind regards and blessings Lynda Cromie

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust – Cllr Paul Cromie

From: Michelle Eggett
Sent: 11 December 2015 20:53
To: Cllr Paul Cromie; Cllr Lisa Carmody; Cllr Michael Walls
Subject: Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Quality Goal Setting.

 Hi Cllr’s,

As you know, I am one of the Bradford South Public Governors for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT).  Part of my role as Governor is to help the Trust to gather the views of the membership and members of the public in regard to the services BDCFT offers.

BDCFT are a provider of award winning mental health, learning disabilities and community health services across Bradford, Airedale and Craven. More information about BDCFT can be found at www.bdct.nhs.uk.

Currently, BDCFT are considering what their quality goals should be to develop their plan for 2016/17, and I am e-mailing to ask if you may be willing to take part in a survey to give your views on what their quality goals should be. 

Also, I would be much obliged if you could perhaps pass this message on to anyone else you know who may wish to contribute and who lives in the Bradford, Airedale and Craven areas.  Anyone can contribute, whether they are a service user, carer or simply a resident in the area with an interest in improving the available services. 

Here is an excerpt of a message that has been sent out to trust membership which includes a link to the survey for those who may wish to take part.

“What are Quality Goals?

Quality Goals are reviewed and set by the Trust on an annual basis. Achievement of the Goals leads to improved quality, safety and experience for people that use our services. The findings from the survey will help us to determine our Quality Goals for 2016/17.

We will publish the Quality Goals in our annual Quality Report, monitor them throughout the year and report on our progress in the next annual Quality Report.

We would be delighted if you could share your views with us by completing our survey which is available via this link:


Please would you complete the survey by Thursday, 31 December 2015”.

Thank you in advance for your time.

My best wishes,


Official Governor Contact details:

Michelle Louellen Eggett,

Public Governor, Bradford South.

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

New Mill

Victoria Road



BD18 3LD.

E-mail: bradfordsouthgovernor@bdct.nhs.uk

Tel: 01274 363552

Sue Shrine is on the move.

It has recently been announced at Holy Trinity Church that I am to become the next priest in charge of St Barnabas’ church, Bredbury, Stockport. This means that I will be leaving Holy Trinity. My last service is on 24th January 9:45 am followed by lunch. Everyone is welcome.
I have had a great time here in Queensbury and I am sad to leave. But I feel this is the right time to move to a new challenge and for Queensbury to have a new vicar who will be appointed in due course.
Meanwhile Holy Trinity will continue to serve the community and to serve the Lord.