Dancing in Queensbury – The Canberra Dance Club

The following message has bee received from Donald Rumbold:

Do you know anything about the Canberra dance club . We used to come up from Clayton. I suppose it was really like a Disco has all the music was played on records,  and it was held in a house ,well it seemed like one. It would be the late 1950’s.

2 thoughts on “Dancing in Queensbury – The Canberra Dance Club

  1. Yes I used to go there myself. It was on Chapel Street. It opened around 1955 and the owner was Bob Cannon. The people from Fosters Mill used to go there. There were many Italian girls who worked at the mill as well as Hungarians. Bob Cannon, when he first opened, advertised it as “Ballroom Dancing – definitely no jiving” but he soon changed when he saw what the people wanted.

  2. I wonder if my mum ever went there? She loved to ‘Jive’ but did ballroom too. She was in a formation team and taught ballroom for a while (somewhere behind the George III pub) Adelaide Trout was her name, does anyone remember her?

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