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  1. We used to have one located on Granby Street, between the Cenotaph and the Co-op. Sadly this was removed some years ago, I think vandalism was a problem. Vandalism has lead to many toilets closing down throughout the country.

    I do not know of another public toilet, however I do not think there are any restriction on use of the toilets at Victoria Hall, this is a public building.

  2. To Whom it may concern I was born and bread in Queensbury Brighouse Road and Moore Close Lane and left 35 years ago I just happened to come across this site by accident. I used to know Paul and more so Phillip Cromie well and grow up with them please send my regards.

    Steve (muss) Howard

    • Steve,

      I will pass on your comments to Paul Cromie.

      Do you wish to write an article on your experiences, I could then put it on the site and you may then have contact with other old friends?



  3. Dear Sir
    My father Jimmy Clarke was employed at Black Dyke Mill between 1947 – 48.He was sent to the Mill from the cottage home in Medomsley Consett Co.Durham.During that time he joined the band and made friends with. Allen Woodhead and Jeffery Thornton.My father is 82 years of age and is planning a visit to Queensbury is it possible to ask if anyone knows if these gentlemen are still living in the area.It would be great for my dad to meet up on his visit.
    Kindest regards
    Phillip Clarke

  4. Hi Stuart
    Jim came to the village last Thursday & met Sheila & Geoff Thornton. He wanted to know if there was any one still living in the village that came from the cottage homes in Medomsley, that either worked in the mill or lived in the hostels’ run by Fosters.

  5. hello, can anything be done about the growing amount of graffiti that’s appearing especially on the walls from the golf club onwards?

    • Hi,

      Can you please provide further details? Is the graffiti on Brighouse Road and does it go towards Shelf or the traffic lights at Queensbury? I know that the club has a boundary at Blackshaw Beck Lane also. That is why I ask. It can then be reported to the authorities.

  6. Hi there my name is Robert, I am the new owner of Bradford PC Repair based in Black Dyke Mills old office block. I would very much liked to be named on your website to let local residents know we are here and also to let them know that if the live in the BD13 postcode we are offering 10% discount on all our services as a way of offering something back to the local community. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01274 817953 thank you.

  7. With this year marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War it is worth remembering the men of Queensbury who fought and died in that great conflict.

    Tomorrow (May 3rd) marks the 97th anniversary of the 2nd Battle of Bullecourt in which a number of West Yorkshire regiments and battalions took part including the 2/6th West Yorkshire regiment in which my great grandfather Sgt. Harold Shaw served and died in the battle on May 3rd 1917.

    My research into Queensbury men whose names are recorded on the cenotaph would indicate that at least 2 Queensbury men died in the same battle – Arthur Day and Arthur Kershaw.

    It is right that we should remember them on this day in particular.

    • Dear Mike, I am very interested in finding out more about my Fathers family, one of whom is remembered on the Queensbury WW1 memorial. His name was Harold Robinson. I remember that my Dad had an Uncle Arthur Robinson who lived in Queensbury and a Grandma Robinson who lived at Mountain. Did your research reveal any information abut Harold? If so I would be thrilled if you could share it with me.

      Kind regards,

      Janet Wharrier.

      • Hi Janet
        Harold Robinson was born at Mountain in 1885 ,in 1901 he lived with his brother Arthur born 1881 & his widowed grandfather John Bates a retired attendance officer at I View Place Mountain.
        In 1911 he was married to Beatrice a & was then living at 3 Parkinson Place Queensbury.His occupation was given as a painter.
        He was a private in the West Yorkshire Regiment & was killed in action 25/4/1918 .His name is on the Tyne Cot Memorial at Zonnebeke west Vlaanderen Belgium. Hope this helps
        Sheila Thornton

  8. Can anyone shed any light on how Bazil ( not sure on spelling) is ? the old man that used to be seen walking round the village with a stick, usually linked to his wife, I believe she is I a rest home now.thanks

  9. Local Government Purdah (pre-election period) up to AGM 2014

    For local elections, the activities of local authorities in the pre-election period are governed by the Code of recommended practice on local authority publicity, which is issued as part of the provisions of the Local Government Act 1986.:[1][5]
    Elections, referendums and petitions 41. The period between the notice of an election and the election itself should preclude proactive publicity in all its forms of candidates and other politicians involved directly in the election

    What’s going on ? here

  10. John, it looks as though all those election leaflets that have been issued are not in accordance with the code, unless I am reading the above wrong. I know absolutely nothing about election procedure as I have no interest in it at all. I do not know when the notice of an election was given. If there is anything I am inadvertently doing which I should not be, as a private individual on my own web site, which I fund myself, I would like to know.

  11. I understand this is in regards to the promotion of a sitting councillor up for election and purdah code of practice in relation to Council announcements or business in regards to an elected office (a far more astute legal mind will know chapter and verse) but it is a very thin line, and a number of stories posted during the call of this election do concern me. Election leaflets are for a candidate to address the electorate directly and are subject to election law.

    Whilst there is no responsibility of the provider i.e. private person to allow balance (like the Mirror, or sun etc.) during an election, it would have been best practice to have shown Queensbury people they do have choices rather than an unintended unbalanced view which directly or indirectly has an impact by what many may seem ordinary Councillor business to the voter but it is unfair to the other candidates.

    A missed opportunity is my view , it could have been an opportunity to have written history for Queensbury, I am a sucker for the old days of public meetings in dusty schools debating.
    And I never promoted myself once.

  12. John,

    In my quest to be impartial to all, I can only publish what I receive. Any imbalance comes from the reluctance of people to send information for me to publish. This has happened for some time, this matter has been raised before and I have answered in the same vein.

    My journalistic talents are somewhat limited, I do not go looking for input and rely upon local residents to supply what I publish, I do this in public interest.

    Our community deserve to be informed of all that is happening now and kept up to date with future planned developments, council policy etc.

    As you can see I am impartial as I have published your comments, which are now in the public domain for all to read.

  13. Hi Stuart,
    I work for Champions Show the Way and we have over 25 walks going on across the Bradford District that anyone can attend. We have got a programme of history walks that has recently started, I wonder if anyone in Queensbury would be interested in attending? I have posters I can send on, otherwise these are the details:

    25th May 2-4pm – A historic and geological walk
    Taking in the marks of time on Harden Moor. Mainly easy terrain, including
    some gentle hills and some single rough tracks. Led by Andrew Bond.
    Meeting point: Ryecroft Road adjacent to Harden moor, 300 yards from
    the Guide Inn (pub postcode: BD21 5QP)
    Everyone welcome. Children to be accompanied by an adult. Please ring to book a place: 01274 321911 / email sarah.jones@bdct.nhs.uk

    1st June 2-4pm – A Walk through historic Bingley 2-4pm
    The walk will take in the river, canal, North Bog, some residential and
    industrial areas as well as the town centre. Led by David Smith.
    Meeting point: Meet close to the main door into the town church by the
    junction of Old Main Street and Bell Bank View, Bingley (church postcode: BD16 2RH)
    Everyone welcome. Children to be accompanied by an adult. Please ring to book a place: 01274 321911 / email sarah.jones@bdct.nhs.uk

    8th June 2-4pm – Bolton History Trail 2-4pm
    Join us to explore and hear about the hidden corners of the historic area
    of Bolton. A walk led by Anne Smith, Patricia Popple and Vivienne Pollard.
    Meeting point: the car park behind the Swing Gate pub at the top of
    Myers Lane. (pub postcode: BD2 2AH)
    Everyone welcome. Children to be accompanied by an adult. Please ring to book a place: 01274 321911 / email sarah.jones@bdct.nhs.uk

  14. Is there any news re removing the graffiti from the outbuilding on Brighouse road yet please ?also, ant new re a sighting of Basil the man that used to walk around the village with a stick and usually in shorts, and used to be with his wife? I asked ages ago and cant fond my post so hope it’s OK to put these on again. Thanks

  15. .Sorry to natter but as yet no reply, also more graffiti has appeared on Showerheads on the back of some outer buildings that look as though they belong to the school.Is there any news re removing the graffiti from the outbuilding on Brighouse road yet please ?also, ant new re a sighting of Basil the man that used to walk around the village with a stick and usually in shorts, and used to be with his wife? I asked ages ago and cant fond my post so hope it’s OK to put these on again. Thanks

  16. Does anyone have any old pictures of the entrance to Foxhill Park?

    The stones that used to top the entrance on both sides were stolen some years ago and I passed a property last week that had stones that looked suspiciously like the ones.

  17. Hi Stuart I wonder if you could put the following on the village website for us

    At 8.30pm on Monday 4th AUGUST we will be holding a simple prayer service to commemorate the beginning of World War 1. All welcome
    THEN AT 9.15PM
    at the Cenotaph prayers will be said, candles lit and names read out


  18. Stuart ,
    you mentioned that Queensbury could do something about the soldiers who died in the in the first world war.
    I have already got two books ,one is the photos of the graves & memorials of soldiers who died & the other information of regiment, age & date of death .
    Along with other items of war they were all on display at our recent exhibition.
    which Hazel & I staged at the Victoria Hall for the Queensbury History Society

  19. Bradford council have announced one of ghe new swimming baths is proposed to be at Asa Briggs at Clayton Heights.
    please make sure you give your views in the consultation that starts on monday
    Cllr Michael Walls

  20. Hello there
    I hope you can help me, I am looking to organise a family fun day to raise funds for the cat rescue I volunteer at which is based in Queensbury – can you advise of any ideal venues which would be happy to support this kind of event?? I would be wanting various stall holders, face painting, bouncy castle etc so will need a good room and outside space

    Thank you in advance

    Carrie Senior

  21. Hi,

    Does anyone have any info on the car wash that has appeared on halifax raod next to the old pub? Has planning or any sort of permissions been given I can see this becoming a traffic problem if we have car waiting in the main road to gain access to the sight ….any info welcome

  22. Hi – i’m a journalist at BBC Radio Leeds. Would someone be able to contact me regarding the issue of fly tipping in the village? We’re looking at covering it as a wider issue around the whole city.



  23. I am looking to trace who my Grandfather was. My Father was adopted at birth in 1922(his name was Eric Wood) and his father’s name did not appear on his birth certificate. My Grandmother’s name was Lena Taylor who lived at 66 Ambler Thorn at that time. She worked at Foster’s mill in the mohair department,
    Lena married Fred Sheard Maude and had two more children Emilie and Frank.
    After Fred’s death she married Dan Moore and lived at Ashbourne Crescent
    until her death in 1970.
    My Father was adopted by Robert and Ethel Wood and brought up at 1 Park Grove, New Park Road in Queensbury.
    My very early life was on Ada Street with my two sisters. Our garden used to join up to my Grandparents in Park Grove! No Ashbourne Crescent then! I have since come back home to live in Queeensbury and would appreciate any of your help and memories of my family.
    Many thanks good people.
    Linda Kelly(nee Wood)

  24. Hi,

    I am currently doing some family history and I have found my relative on the 1939 electoral roll living in Queensbury in a hostel and his occupation was a general labourer in the woollen mill. He was only 15 at the time.
    He was from Durham, was it common for people to come over from Durham and work at the mill? And also how would they have found out about it?

    Thank you!

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