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The Queensbury History Society was founded in 1985 by a group who originally met at Queensbury School for a Community History Class for retired people between autumn 1984 and summer 1985.

Three members of the now History Society have transcribed and indexed handwritten census’s, lodging them with Halifax and Bradford libraries and have also done similar work from chapel registers and gravestones.

The membership is around 60 and the meetings are held on the 1st Friday of every month at 2.0pm in the Victoria Hall (except June when the annual trip takes place).

There is usually a speaker and also a display of photographs and articles from the Archives.

The purpose of the History Society, apart from the important social aspect, is to preserve and document the history of our unique village for future generations.

Queensbury is, above all else, the history of a mill village, but it is also the history of people, who by creating their own institutions (the chapels and societies around which village social life revolved, the coop, which touched every corner of village life) maintained an independence of mind and spirit of which they are justly proud.

Quote from Sir Winston Churchill. ” A nation which has forgotten its past has no future” and the same is true of a community

5 thoughts on “Queensbury History Society

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Do you have any knowledge of the small engineering co., that operated
    as Jowett engineering, in Queensbury Bradford. I made a visit during the 1980`s
    to view a specialist machine for Boring very long or deep holes in steel, such as
    Gun or Rifle Barrels, a very interesting man, hope you can help,
    Best regards, Tom Gilby.

  2. Hi

    Would it be possible for you to send me any photos you may have of the old Raggalds School house which was located on Roper Lane at Queensbury please.

    Someone mentioned that there is an old brochure for the school?

    If there is a cost for this information please do let me know.

    Many thanks


  3. Hello does anyone have information with regards the cemetery that was Round Hill Chapel, Beggarington, Roper Lane. The grave yard is now tarmacked and used for car access and parking but the gravestones are stood along the perimeter. There is also a wall with a plaque saying` Here lies the Remains of` It looks as though the interments are still there. I have made enquires with the council who say the graveyard isn’t anything to do with them. One of the stones says a burial in the 1960`s and there is still a sister and many family members still living in Queensbury. The 100 years that needs to pass before removal of graves has not passed. Thank you.

    • I transcribed the grave yard at Round Hill in 1989 but there were only 12 graves visible then. There were a further 8 graves transcribed earlier.
      There are also 39 grave inscription
      taken from the chapel register of graves.
      I also have a list of grave owners if this helps

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