Blutherups – Submitted by Jeff Langford

There are many ways to do Blutherups. My sisters do it differently from my wife. Either way suits me.
Susan Langford (nee Burnell) method.
You will need for 4-5 portions, 1kg potatoes
1 large onion
1 tin of corned beef
1-2 Oxo cubes
Gravy granules.
Peel and slice the spuds 4-5mm thick put them in large casserole or deep roasting tin,
Peel and coarsely chop the onion, put in with the spuds.
Crumble the tin of corned beef and add to the spuds and onion. Cover it all with water then stir in the oxo cubes. Put the lid on.
Put in the middle of the oven gas mark 3, until the spuds are soft. Add gravy grannies to thicken as required.
Serve with Yorkshires. Delicious.

Judith Pinder (nee Langford)
As above except the sliced potatoes are first fried, then all ingredients are cooked in deep skillet or sauté pan on the hob
Seasoning to taste. Perhaps a little Worcester sauce or Chop sauce.

5 thoughts on “Blutherups – Submitted by Jeff Langford

  1. Blutherups, a favourite in many Queensbury households in t’ old days. My wife does it the same as Sue, but insists on quartering the potatoes before cooking. She insists it goes 4 times as far!.

  2. I’m really pleased to have found blutherups as no one I knew seemed to remember it or have heard of it. My family ( Greenwood & Wadsworth) lived in Mountain. My version of blutherups is just potatoes and onions.

  3. I thought I was going mad as I remember being served Blutherup at school dinners so I googled it! Guess what, this is the first site I came across and it’s where I grew up! Went to Catherine Slack Junior school!

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