Upper Hazelhurst House, Queensbury

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James Parker



Upper Hazelhurst House is situated near to Hill End Lane, Queensbury and is a fine antiquated homestead, with small leaden windows, and yard„ and is dated on front of the principal entrance T.E.R. 1724,

Timothy and Elizabeth Ramsden, ‘who rebuilt it at that period ; near to it are a fine lot of plain streets, all numbered, which are the remnant of  noble avenue that once existed there. The interior of the house is fine, having large square rooms,. In the drawing room. there is a beautiful antique mantelpiece painted and dated with the following initials:-T.E.R.  1724, with two faces carved on it

In the centre of the room is a half oval glass cupboard, filled with china, which used to be at one period a Font to christen children belonging to the early Baptists, who first held service at this house in Queensbury district. Mrs. William Parkinson, Misses Annie Elizabeth, Alice, Sarah Ellen and Azubah Parkinson, daughters of Mr. Wm. Parkinson, take much interest in showing to visitors the old house.

In the Chamber is the remnant of the old pulpit used by the Baptists in 1771 to 1773, when divine service was held there previous to the Baptist Chapel at Queensbury being erected in 1773.

In 1771, Dan Taylor, the pastor of the Baptist Chapel at Birchcliffe, preached at Queensbury in a friend’s house, this was the means of John Bairstow, a farmer, who resided at Hazelhurst, becoming a member of Birchcliffe Church in 1772, and opening Hazelhurst House for preaching. This was the beginning of the Baptist movement at Queensbury.

Hazelhurst House and lands have been in the possession of the Parkinson family since 1819, or a period of 85 years.

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 David Parkinson, the founder of the present family, coming to Upper Hazelhurst House from Small Clews, or Clough (the grandfather of Councillor Edwin Waugh, Queensbury, having previously resided there at one period), started quarrying the land at Upper Hazelhurst and resided there till 1878, when he died.

His son, Mr. Spencer Parkinson, was in partnership along with his father for many years. Mr. Spencer Parkinson died in 1898, and he in turn was succeeded by his two sons, Mr. William and Mr. David Parkinson, who had also been in partnership along with their father.

The firm of Messrs. William and David Parkinson, Quarry Owners, Hazelhurst, Queensbury, is known far and wide for its excellent stone, Wall-stones, Sets, Paviors, and Flags of various styles ; the firm have supplied the Bradford and Halifax Corporations for many long years, and all the principal contractors in and around Bradford and Halifax,

In 1515, George Bairstow resided here, his son in 1571, the family being clothiers at that period.

In 1591, John Cowper, of Dene House, Shelf, owned Upper Hazelhurst, Thomas Whitley, of Cinder Hills Farm, Coley, in 1631 owned Upper Hazelhurst, and in 1710 it come into the possession of the family of Timothy Ramsden, Woolstapler, In 1716, John Ramsden, his heir, possessed Hazelhurst House ; it passed then to the Waugh family as aforesaid ; from them it passed to Mr. Charles Roe, who sold it in 1819 to Mr. David Parkinson, in whose family it still remains—a most remarkable and interesting history.

Timothy Ramsden, Hazelhurst House, subscribed 10s. towards altering Heywood Chapel, at Northowram, in 1711.

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