Evening Entertainment

Live at the Conservative Club, Chapel Street, Queensbury from 8.00 pm. Tickets available in advance, these cost £5 each. Please note that food will not be available, we can then have more room for dancing.



This 40s sweetheart will whisk you back to the days when people in the British commonwealth and empire, were united to fight for freedom and world peace. With her warm personality and lovely voice she reminds us of those days of unity romance and heartfelt emotion that were such a part of the 1940s. Not only the songs that gave moral to the allies, Maria also entertains you with some of the best popular songs from the 40s  era. from such legends as:Vera Lynn, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Anne Shelton, Doris Day, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo, Vaughn Munroe, Charlie Chaplin, Andrews Sisters, Al Jolson, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee. plus many many more.

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