Ford Hill Colliery

This article was submitted by local resident Rod Boardall.

On the site of the Queensbury Waste recycling site stood Ford Hill Colliery. The pit shaft was sunk in 1897 and was opened up during the refurbishment of the recycling site in 2008 and is located underneath the current position of waste skips.

Image showing the top of the pit shaft exposed during the refurbishment of the waste recycling site in 2008.


The mine is listed as operational from 1897 to 1941 In 1918 the mine was owned by M Stocks, the Underground Manager was  Charles Brown.

The site is listed as having 40 underground workers and 6 surface workers registered.

In the 1920′s the mine workings radiated 700 yards from the shaft in pursuit of the soft bed coal .

An original colliery building before it was demolished in 2008 during the site renovation.

Makes you think there are some large holes under Queensbury!

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