Water Supply

An extract from

Illustrated Rambles


Hipperholme to Tong

James Parker




 The works for the construction of the reservoir were let in March, 1870, and were carried out by Mr. Charles Gott, the then waterworks engineer.

The reservoir has a holding capacity 160,000,000 gallons; the length of the embankment is 530 yards, and the height is 100 feet. The area of water when the reservoir is full is sixteen acres; the height above the sea level is 910 feet; and the depth of water at the outlets 6o feet.

The total cost of the reservoir was £91,887 7s. 2d. The length of the iron main from the Horton Bank Reservoirs to the Stubden Reservoir at Denholme, is five miles.


 is on the opposite side of the road to Horton Bank Reservoir. This reservoir has a holding capacity of 57,000,000 gallons, length of embankment 1,090 yards, greatest height of embankment 38 feet. Area of water when  the reservoir is full, thirteen acres. Height of embankment above sea level 975 feet. Depth of water above outlets, 19 feet. Total cost of reservoir, £30,775 16s 5d.

These were only small in comparison to others in the area, as was the one in Albert Road. Do you think the cost of maintaining them out weighed the benefits of keeping them?

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